Reputation Marketing Software For Dentists
Welcome back to our series of articles talking about the best software for dentists. Today, we’ll take a closer look at BirdEye, a leading reputation marketing platform. In this article, Dr. Len Tau, a dentist himself and general manager for the dental vertical of Birdeye, will answer many of the most common questions dentists have about BirdEye.

How will BirdEye help my practice?

To put it simply, Birdeye does 3 things. Dentists use it to grow their online reputation by getting more:

  1. Credibility
  2. Visibility
  3. Social proof

BirdEye also offers a modern solution that allows dental practices to interact directly with patients.

As a dentist, what will change for my patients if I start using BirdEye?

Your patients’ experience with your practice will only get better. With BirdEye, patients (and prospective patients) have a convenient way to message with your practice and provide feedback on their experience. When your practice uses a product like BirdEye, your team members become aware that patients can easily leave feedback. I believe that when a practice uses a product like Birdeye, it puts them on alert that the office is being “graded”. Employees will step up their games and be more conscious about providing outstanding service.

How long does it take to get started with BirdEye? How soon will I start seeing results?

Our team can help you get you fully up and running in just 3 business days. We’ll handle nearly everything, including integration with your practice’s:

  • Social media accounts
  • Practice management software
  • Website

About a week after the integration is complete, we’ll schedule a walkthrough and demo with your office staff. Oftentimes during these walkthroughs, the team is amazed by how many new reviews they’ve received even in just a few short days.

How much does BirdEye cost?

Compared to other reputation marketing platforms, BirdEye is generally a lower-cost option but with more features and more functionality. Our standard package is $250/month with a $100 discount when you prepay for a year in advance. Our pro package, which includes web chat features, is $350 a month.

I have a great front desk person who loves talking with our patients and getting feedback. Why would I need to use BirdEye?

In our studies, it’s challenging for even the best front desk people to match the results of an automated review platform like BirdEye. When asking a patient to leave a review, the steps are often too involved and too confusing. Patients often don’t follow through even if they wanted to leave a review! We’ve found that even the best front desk person can only expect a 2-5% conversion rate on requests for online reviews. This lack of results leads to frustration. Eventually, team members will just stop asking and you won’t be getting any new reviews! The conversion rate for BirdEye’s automated review process is much much higher — often 12-15%. By taking this repetitive and frustrating task off your team’s plate they can focus their attention on patient experience and other tasks that will help you grow your practice. Your patients and your staff will be happier. Win, win!

How does Birdeye compare to Podium and other review marketing platforms?

Podium is a very good reputation company focusing on review generation and webchat. However, at BirdEye we set ourselves apart by:

  • Creating a microsite where all your reviews are aggregated. This microsite often ranks highly in Google searches, increasing both your practice’s online reputation and discoverability.
  • Including cross-posting features that allow patient reviews to be posted to different social media sites for added visibility.
  • Offering a website widget that showcases your reviews on your own practice’s site.

And we do all of this for a lower cost than many other platforms.

My practice already has hundreds of 5-star ratings. Why would I sign up for BirdEye?

Online reviews are a key component of how Google determines your practice’s rankings in search results. Google rewards practices who receive a steady and consistent stream of new reviews — which is exactly what BirdEye delivers.

How much training will my staff need to use BirdEye?

We offer 1-hour team training sessions to everyone who signs up for BirdEye. During this time, we’ll share screens with you and your staff, reviewing the BirdEye dashboard, showing you how easy it is to get new reviews, and much more.   This is an interactive training session and we welcome any questions you might have!

Does Birdeye integrate in any way with other programs/tools, like my patient relationship management software?

Yes! BirdEye integrates with 98% of the most popular practice management tools available, including:

  1. Dentrix 
  2. Eaglesoft
  3. Open Dental

Plus many, many more!

Can you let us in on any secrets? What’s next for BirdEye?

We’ve got big things planned for 2020 and beyond. Coming early in 2020 we’ll be launching a tool that makes it easy for patients to refer friends and family to their dentist through:

  • Text message
  • Email
  • Facebook messages and posts

It’s easy and it’s all automated!

How do I get started with BirdEye?

To get started or to learn more about our platform you can schedule a demo online or reach out directly to Dr. Len Tau at (215) 292-2100.
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