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Dental Marketing Case Studies

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Practices thrive with :Delmain

“Our collections doubled year-over-year.”

Dr. Clint Martin,
Brimfield Family Dentistry

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“Our phone is ringing off the hook.”

Dr. Anait Balasanyan,
MillBridge Dentistry

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“We started at $1.4 million in collections per year. Now we’re doing $4.2 million.”

Dr. Thomas Dooley,
Cedar Village Dentistry

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“Our practice has added 200 patients in the last 2 years.”

Dr. Drue Pickens,
Pickens Family Dentistry

“44 additional new patients walking through our doors each month.”

Todd Iverstine,
Miss-Lou Family Dentistry

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“30-40 new patients a month that we can attribute directly to the efforts of :Delmain.”

Dr. Rebekah Anderson,
Holy City Orthodontics

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“June was our best month ever. We went from 10 to 32 patients.”

Dr. Jorge Reyes,
TLC Escondido Dental

“We saw a huge growth in our SEO keyword rankings.”

Dr. Caitlin Batchelor,
Caitlin Batchelor Dentistry

“Since working with :Delmain, we’ve gone from middle of the pack to mostly #1 in all the keywords we care about.”

Dr. John Will,
Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville

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“We’ve restored $40K-$60K worth of dental implants from the website.”

Dr. James Catt,
James Catt DMD, PC

“The biggest thing that matters to me is being able to track ROI and :Delmain is excellent at that.”

Dr. Clark Brinton,
Arvory Management

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“Since working with :Delmain, we’ve had a 30%-40% year-over-year growth, we’ve tripled new patients, and we’re booking out months in advance.”

Dr. Adam Jensen,
Chugach Dental

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“We went from seeing just 12 new patients a month to more than 80!”

Dr. Kurt Black,
Timberhill Dental

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9X growth in new patients

Brimfield Family Dentistry

  • Brimfield, IL
  • Startup practice

Best decision I made.

16% website conversion rate

Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics

  • Atlanta, GA
  • 3 providers

Patients say they booked because of our website.

22 Invisalign cases/month

Austin Dental

  • Austin, TX
  • 3 providers

I love working with :Delmain and the results they provide.

120% increase in collections

Hildreth Dental

  • Kennesaw, GA
  • Recently purchased practice

We have seen excellent results with new patients flow.

$28per new patient from Google Ads

Cedar Village Dentistry

  • Mason, OH
  • 10 high-tech operatories

You will not regret the decision to hire :Delmain.

4X more online appointments

Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville

  • Charlottesville, VA
  • Pediatric dentist

We couldn’t be more satisfied working with :Delmain!

#1 keyword rankings

Spodak Dental Group

  • Delray Beach, FL
  • Multi-generational & family-owned

:Delmain has been instrumental in growing our patient base.

50 additional patients in the first month

MillBridge Dentistry

  • Waxhaw, NC
  • Startup practice

All of our growth is attributed to :Delmain.

1,000+ Google reviews

Greater Long Island Dental

  • Massapequa, NY
  • Established practice

We are thriving thanks to :Delmain.

Dr Anderson at Holy City Ortho



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