12 Best Pediatric Websites of 2023 & What They Got Right

Jan 2023
best pediatric websites delmain

Parents have big expectations when entrusting their children with a pediatric dentist. The best way to make a good first impression and win them over? WOW’ing them with a well-designed pediatric website. 

We’ve compiled some of the coolest dental pediatric websites of the year. Not only do these websites do a phenomenal job of building trust, but they also help book more of the right patients by…

  • Standing out from the competition
  • Ranking highly in search engines
  • Communicating what makes their practice unique
  • Offering compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), making it easy to schedule an appointment

Browse our list of the best pediatric websites of 2023 and consider how your own pediatric dental website measures up.

1. Acorn Pediatric DentalDesigned by :Delmain

acorn pediatric dental - best pediatric websites - delmain
What makes it special?

  • Whimsical branding
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Clear CTAs

Choosing a dentist for your child can feel daunting, but Acorn Pediatric Dental does a great job of putting parents at ease. This modern and inviting website speaks directly to parents while showcasing its child-friendly branding and environment. The site is perfectly optimized for SEO and makes it easy for parents to get answers to common questions and schedule an appointment for their little ones.

2. rock pediatric dentistry

rock pediatric dentistry best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Distinct brand 
  • Clear CTAs
  • Engaging testimonials

Rock pediatric dentistry gets a lot right with its visually striking pediatric website. Using an adorable visual motif of life-like teeth, rock pediatric dentistry shows off its distinct brand to give parents a peek inside their personality. Beyond the visual elements, clear CTAs, original content, wonderful testimonials, and an explanation of what your child can expect at their first visit create an engaging website that builds trust. What’s not to love?!

3. Mariposa Pediatric DentistryDesigned by :Delmain

childrens. dentistry of charlottesville best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Mobile-first
  • Easy to navigate
  • Keyword optimized

There’s something so welcoming and kid-friendly about the color scheme of this Santa Maria pediatric site. Beyond just pretty branding, this practice does a great job of highlighting their unique selling propositions and answering common questions parents might have. Last but not least, the eye-catching “request appointment” call-to-action leaves no question in a visitor’s mind about what the next step is.

4. Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville

childrens. dentistry of charlottesville best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Clear calls to action
  • Original content 
  • Keyword research

Children’s Dentistry of Charlottesville uses their brand’s blue and purple colors, along with original photography from their practice, to give the site a unique visual style. Original content clearly explains their services, offers information to parents, and makes it easy to schedule an appointment. It also integrates keyword research to help their specialized pages rank for services they’re looking to push.

WOW patients with a modern website!

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5. Tiny Teeth of TallyDesigned by :Delmain

tiny teeth of tally - best pediatric websites - delmain

What makes it special?

  • Professional, original photography and videography
  • Mobile-first design
  • Answers common questions

Tiny Teeth of Tally offers a unique approach to patients who are worried about their child receiving a tear-free experience — they provide hospital-based dentistry where children can have all their dental work completed under general anesthesia. This pediatric website design highlights just how unique this practice is. It offers quick, easy-to-understand visuals and content that explain what sets them apart and why they’re the best choice.

6. Camp Little Tooth

camp little tooth best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Original photography & videography
  • Distinct brand 
  • Clearly shows what makes them special

While Camp Little Tooth’s “camp” decor makes a great first impression, their decision to feature original photos and videos on their pediatric website is the star of the show. The photography used throughout the website gives parents a true view inside their unique office environment and what to expect at an appointment. They also clearly lay out what makes them special early on their homepage, have extensive service pages outlining common procedures, and show off client testimonials.

7. SF Pediatric Dentistry

sf pediatric dentistry best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Striking logo and brand
  • Answers patient questions
  • Online scheduling

SF Pediatric Dentistry takes a unique approach to engaging parents and the community. Their creative and minimalistic logo and brand are visually impressive and consistent throughout the site. This pediatric website site also features an FAQ page to answer patient questions, introduces team members, and offers online booking. Online booking is an increasingly popular way to win over patients — don’t overlook this feature on your pediatric website.

8. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry

salt lake pediatric dentistry - best pediatric websites - delmain

What makes it special?

  • Original videography and photography 
  • Provider information
  • Concise navigation bar

The first thing you notice when you land on Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry’s website is their original video, which shows off their office, doctors, staff, patients, and more. Videos like this give parents a virtual tour of your office right off the bat, immediately making a great first impression. This website also does a great job of showing off their doctors to make you feel like you’ve met them by just visiting the website. One of our favorite parts of this site is the concise navigation bar, where you can easily decide where you want to go to learn more about the practice.

9. Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

sunshine smiles pediatric dentistry best pediatric website delmain
What makes it special?

  • Passes 15-second test
  • Informational service pages
  • Testimonials

One of the most important things about a pediatric website is that it can pass the “15-second test” — or put another way, anyone who lands on a website should be able to learn what the practice offers within 15 seconds. Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry passes this test easily. Their site also features original service pages that provide parents with an idea of the care they provide and how each treatment can benefit their children.

10. Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry

bean tree pediatric dentistry - best pediatric websites - delmain

What makes it special?

  • Clear calls to action
  • Shows what makes them special
  • Explains what you can expect at your child’s appointment

This Jacksonville, FL pediatric dentist not only has an adorable name and brand, but offers parents a clear reason why they’re the best choice. They also offer teledentistry services (which they highlight right off the bat), provide a CTA at the top of the homepage, and describe what children can expect at their first appointment.

11. Children’s Dental Center

childrens dental center best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Outlines services
  • Online booking 
  • Original photography

This jungle-themed pediatric dentist website does a wonderful job of showcasing what they offer, including their specializations in space maintainers and after-hours dental emergencies. This site also uses original photography and bright, engaging images to show off their practice. Plus they offer online booking!

12. Falmouth Pediatric Dentistry

falmouth pediatric dentistry best pediatric website delmain

What makes it special?

  • Builds trust
  • Passes the 15-second test 
  • Adorable brand

Nothing is more important on a children’s dental website than building trust with parents. By displaying a testimonial, describing how long the practice has been in the community, and showing what parents can expect at their first visit, Falmouth Pediatric Dentistry does just this. They also pass the 15-second test and have dedicated pages for different services. We especially love the playful font and walrus mascot in their logo.

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