13 Best Orthodontic Websites of 2022 & What They Got Right

Apr 2022
best orthodontic websites delmain

Your orthodontic website can and should be your #1 source of new patients. How? By designing an orthodontic site that ranks highly in search engines, communicates what makes your practice unique, and impresses visitors. The best orthodontic websites are also designed to be mobile-first and very easy to navigate.

All this comes together to create an orthodontic website that stands out from the competition and helps you attract patients as a leading orthodontist in your city, state, and throughout the country.

See how it’s done! We’ve compiled a list of the top 13 best orthodontic websites of the year. Learn about the key features of each and discover opportunities to improve your own orthodontic site.

1. Dunn Orthodontics

dun best orthodontic website delmain

Orthodontists, take note! With a bright and modern design, this Arizona practice immediately stands out as one of the best orthodontic websites out there (and one of our personal favorites!). Just pretend you’re a patient browsing the homepage. Right away you’ll notice all the things Drs. Matthew and Courtney Dunn are doing right:

  • Unique, fun design with professional, original images and videos
  • Compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), offering free consultations
  • Answers patient questions, outlining payment details and financing options
  • Compelling and SEO-optimized copy that highlights their value propositions
  • Building trust with patient testimonials, before-and-afters, and logos of professional associations

2. Ballard Orthodontics

ballard best orthodontic website delmain

This Seattle orthodontist demonstrates how focusing on patient problems and outlining solutions in simple, easy language can be effective. Touching on common pain points like “I’m too old to get braces” and “I’m worried how braces will affect my lifestyle,” this practice shows empathy and builds trust. Then they tell patients exactly how to overcome these challenges…” just follow this 3-step process!”

The header video is also a great feature. This video montage helps patients envision what it will be like stepping into their office, sitting in the patient chair, and receiving treatment from Drs. Chatur and Tian.

3. Luba Richter OrthodonticsDesigned by :Delmain

ballard best orthodontic website delmain

This is one of our favorite orthodontic website designs of the year! The Luba Richter Orthodontics website features a bright and energetic design, fun colors, engaging visuals, and lots of movement.

This top orthodontic website design prominently features a compelling call-to-action — free consultations — and makes it easy for patients to book an appointment. We also love all the original images of both the staff and the office environment to highlight their brand and help patients know what to expect.

WOW patients with a modern website!

Thinking of redesigning your website? Let’s talk.

4. Two Front

two front best orthodontic website delmain

When someone is looking for an orthodontist, your website has a minuscule window of time to make a good impression and convince a potential patient to learn more. This West LA orthodontic website doesn’t waste any time in starting things off on the right foot. You don’t even need to scroll down the page to learn:

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • Who their audience is
  • How to get started

There’s a lot more to praise about this orthodontic site design. Take a look for yourself and see why it’s so effective.

5. Mill Creek Orthodontics

mill creek best orthodontic website delmain

This orthodontist website goes to show that even a simple design can be effective when combined with the right content strategy. The site does a great job of highlighting what makes them unique while keeping the focus on patients and providing strong CTAs. And the layout of the site expertly funnels patients to the right information based on if they are new to the practice or returning. 

6. Serrano Orthodontics

serrano best orthodontic website delmain

This multi-location practice takes a short and focused approach on their homepage, hoping to make a big impact in a small amount of space. The header video immediately catches attention and helps visitors get a feel for the practice. 

These orthodontists make no secret of their place in the community, highlighting their awards, glowing patient reviews, and years of experience. Combined with their “free consultation” offer and professional imagery, this website surely attracts a lot of potential patients.

7. Rucker Orthodontics

rucker best orthodontic website delmain

You’ll begin to see a pattern emerge in this list of best orthodontic websites — they all do an excellent job of hitting on 4 important website design factors:

  1. Optimizing for search engines
  2. Communicating what makes them unique
  3. Offering compelling CTAs
  4. Impressing and building trust with visitors

This California practice is no exception. We especially love how Rucker Orthodontics injects some personality and personalization into the design with a beautiful brand video, fun images in the doctor’s bio section, and headshots of the team.

8. Floyd Family Orthodontics

floyd family best orthodontic website delmain

Floyd Family Orthodontics does a great job of helping website visitors feel welcome and at home. Right away you’re met with a friendly header video featuring their office dog, happy patients, and a sneak peek tour of their beautiful office. This site also makes a compelling case for patients to get in touch, offering free virtual consultations and answering common questions.

9. Playa Vista Orthodontics

tru best orthodontic website delmain

Wow, look at all the modern website features this practice is using:

  • Online booking
  • Online patient portal
  • Virtual consultations
  • Texting options

They’re doing a great job of taking advantage of the many orthodontic website features that are available today!

A few other things this site is getting right? It features trust badges (logos of certifications, specializations, and organizations), showing patient reviews, and including images of their office and team.

10. Trü Orthodontics

tru best orthodontic website delmain

Drs. Elhady and Younessian of Virginia use their orthodontic website to share their “Trüth” — that making people smile is the best profession in the world. This mindset is reflected throughout this fun, happy website. This modern but approachable design includes bright colors, movement, and an intuitive layout. They’re doing a great job of offering lots of patient educational resources while living patients a clear path to getting started and scheduling an appointment.

11. West Side Orthodontics

west side best orthodontic website delmain

While this site would benefit from more original photography, they’ve done a good job of creating a clean, well-organized website design. One of the features we really like about this site is the Your First Visit section. Helping patients understand what to expect and how to get started are key parts of an effective orthotic website design. 

You’ll notice this site also includes some important elements that build trust and are good for SEO:

  • Map and directions
  • Logos highlighting the doctor’s education, certifications, and associations
  • Frequently asked questions

12. Appel Orthodontics

ao appel best orthodontic website delmain

Welcome to Appel Orthodontics, a Philadelphia practice that has clearly invested a lot of time and energy into their brand. They’ve designed a unique logo, several professional brand videos, and a beautiful site to match. 

Perhaps there’s a lot going on “above the fold” (everything you can see before scrolling down the page) of this site, but the critique stops there. The website offers online messaging, free virtual consults, simple explanation of services offered, insurance information, and other details important to patients interested in straightening their teeth.

13. Caswell Orthodontics

caswell best orthodontic website delmain

Our final orthodontic website is another one of our favorites on this list. Why? It does a great job of meeting digital marketing best practices while featuring a unique, location-appropriate design. This website offers free virtual and in-person consults, a patient rewards program, and plenty of opportunities for patients to get in touch. They also explain services with fun interactive design features and feature glowing patient reviews.

Reference this website as an example of how to find the perfect balance of SEO optimization while staying true to your brand and focusing on user experience. 

Need an orthodontic website? Thinking of a redesign?

On average, our experienced team of web designers and digital marketing professionals have helped dental specialists increase new patient appointments by nearly 23%. See our full dental web design portfolio here.

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