23 Best Dental Websites of 2023

Jan 2023
We’re showcasing the very best dental websites of 2023!
See examples of great dental websites from around the country, learn about the best features of each, and discover opportunities to improve your own dental website design.

1. Village DentalDesigned by :Delmain

village dental website

We’re starting this list with one of our newest designs — Village Dental. This Denver-area practice has a lot to offer…from their lifetime warranty on dental work and free teeth whitening for life to a newly redesigned office and a 5-star patient experience. All this comes across in their gorgeous website.

One of our favorite things about this website is all the high-quality professional images and video. We always recommend taking original photos and videos for your new website and this is a great example of why. A patient visiting this site will immediately understand who they’re working with, get a better feel of what to expect, and be more sure of their decision to book an appointment.

Speaking of booking an appointment, Village Dental makes it super easy by offering online booking — something we recommend for every modern dental website!

2. Tend

tend website

Home to over 2,600 licensed dentists, New York City is a difficult place for a dental practice to stand out. This NYC dentist is up to the challenge.

Tend reimagines every detail of what your experience can be on a dentist website. We love the fun and energetic video which immediately gives visitors an idea of the brand’s unique approach. The above-the-fold content features the practice’s newest location and offers a few opportunities to book an appointment or call the office.

The minimalist style and clean lines of this site is complemented with easy-to-read copy and vibrant, engaging images. All together, this site design creates a fun and easy experience for visitors and does a great job of driving potential patients to schedule an appointment.

3. Skyline DentalDesigned by :Delmain

skyline dental - best dental websites - delmain
This dental practice wants to be known for quality, technology, and comfort. Using a modern, professional color scheme combined with beautiful images/video and a fully custom dental web design, this practice immediately comes across as approachable yet authoritative.

Skyline Dental also features an excellent user experience, outlining everything a prospective patient might have questions about, including a simple 3-step process for getting started. And of course, take note of the site’s lightning-fast page load times, an embedded Google map, trust badges (logos of their affiliations and certifications) which help add authority, and keyword-optimized copy.

4. Grand Street Dental

grand street website

A dental website that looks and feels like a modern art gallery? Look no further than Grand Street Dental in Brooklyn. Abstract shapes, beautiful photography, and calming colors help patients feel at ease from the moment they visit the website. But Grand Street Dental is about more than just appearances. The website offers online appointment booking, highlights recent press (including mentions in New York Magazine and Forbes), and simple navigation with the services offered, insurance information, and other details important to busy patients in NYC.

5. Sculpt Center for Implants & PeriodonticsDesigned by :Delmain

skyline dental - best dental websites - delmain
This website design impeccably embodies the brand’s elite persona, showcasing its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art, specialized care. The sleek and modern layout exudes quality and sophistication, while the high-end visuals and carefully optimized copy convey the exceptional, pampering experience patients can expect.

We enjoyed creating this design, and are especially proud of Dr. Hasan’s feedback that it’s the most beautiful website he’s ever seen and is exactly how he visioned it.

6. Holy City OrthodonticsDesigned by :Delmain

skyline dental - best dental websites - delmain
Check out this stunning website for an orthodontist in Charleston. Holy City Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic services for adults and children. :Delmain designed a custom modern website for this practice with a bright, energetic color scheme, unique design elements (like an instant smile makeover preview), and engaging copy.

This site is not only modern and branded, but it’s also expertly designed to help book more new patients.

WOW patients with a modern website!

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7. Studio Dental

hildreth dental website

Although this site has very little copy and would benefit from SEO optimization, we love the modern and youthful approach to the site’s design. Above the fold, there’s very little to distract the visitor from the primary goal — the eye is immediately drawn to the “Book Online” button.

Another critical part of a well-designed site is answering the questions of your audience. The “before-during-after” section of the page lets people know exactly what to expect and answers a lot of questions. And we always recommend personalizing your site with information about your team.

8. Sparks Precision DentalDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
Located in Kansas City, Sparks Precision Dental has created a patient-focused, relaxed environment where patients can feel at ease and excited about improving their dental health. :Delmain created a custom website that highlights their unique brand and converts website visitors into new patients.

There’s a lot to love about this site! The clean aesthetic is complemented by fun and lively visuals, capturing the essence of the family-oriented, caring atmosphere. And the incorporation of high-tech elements in the design showcases the brand’s dedication to precision and efficiency. Finally, each page is carefully structured to take visitors on a journey that answers all their questions and gets them excited and confident about requesting an appointment.

9. Jackson Family DentalDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website

Jackson Family Dental is a Missouri practice that features a spa-like environment, a warm and welcoming team, and advanced technology. These unique selling propositions are reflected in their modern, minimalist website.

This website design capitalizes on engaging images and professionally shot videos to capture the attention of new patients. We especially love the technology-focused videos that highlight the benefit of these services, like pain-free care and same-day treatments.

The site comes together with unique design elements, copy that answers common questions, and ample call-to-actions throughout each page.

10. Swish Dental

swish dental website

Energetic, playful, capable. These are the words that immediately come to mind when scrolling through this modern Austin dental website.

Right away you notice that this practice is targeting a younger Millennial or Gen Z audience. The design features bright colors, modern images, and lots of movement. There’s also attention to the type of language they use — calling their offices “studios” and their dentists “artists.”

Swish sets itself apart in many ways, and we especially love the practice’s patient referral incentive. Featuring promos like this as part of your design is an excellent way to bring in new patients and build loyalty.

11. Perl Smile CoDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
Perl Smile Co. is a start-up practice in Atlanta and is one of our favorite website designs in recent months! There’s a lot about this site that makes us excited — the sleek lines and subtle color palette combined with engaging visuals reflect the inviting atmosphere and modern dental experience.

The website does an excellent job of narrowing in on the most important elements needed to attract and convert new patients. The words on the site are purposeful — leaning into the brand voice while following SEO best practices. The visuals are a mix of original and stock and are curated to fit the brand’s color scheme. Finally, this design features compelling CTAs and looks just as good on mobile as it does on your computer!

12. Main Family DentalDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
Dr. Kristin Main came to :Delmain looking for a website that showcased her whole-body approach and dedication to helping patients achieve optimal wellness. She wanted a website that showcased her family-friendly approach and comprehensive treatment options while highlighting specialized services like sleep and airway management.

This website design does exactly that. The site not only looks great, but highlights what makes them special, features original images, and outlines exactly what to expect — like how much time to set aside for an appointment, payment options, and more.

Every page on the site is also carefully optimized for organic search. If someone looks on Google for a dentist near them, Dr. Main’s site has been created to increase the chance that her practice is one of the first results!

13. The Gleamery

the gleamery - best dental websites - delmain
This is a web design dentists who want to target a younger audience can learn from. Specializing in cleanings and whitening only, The Gleamery is clearly speaking to a Millennial and Gen Z audience. From font choices, to images, and copy — we love that this practice fully understands its brand and is leaning into it 100 percent.

The Gleamery is also showcasing a few emerging dental web design trends, including outlining the cost of treatment and offering online booking. We also appreciate this brand’s energetic voice and short sentences while still paying attention to keyword optimization.

14. Pearl DentalDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
Pearl Dental is an excellent example of why professional, high-quality photos are the foundation of a great website design. At every turn, visitors are greeted by polished images that highlight why Dr. Cooper’s practice is the best choice for them.

Take a look around this modern, bright, and friendly website. You’ll immediately feel welcomed and comfortable. Using a sharp but lighthearted design, this Nebraska practice website explains what problems the practice can solve and what to expect. Most importantly, every page is designed to lead a visitor to a specific action — whether that’s learning more about the practice, understanding what to expect, or requesting an appointment.

WOW patients with a modern website!

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15. Dntl Bar

hildreth dental website

This unique dentist has a unique site design to match! As the first walk-in dental bar in NYC, this trendy dental website features a simple and mobile-friendly design.

We love the way this site is packed with convenient, patient-focused features — from online booking and insurance checker tools to a simple-to-navigate menu and texting options. Another thing they’re getting right? Lots of original images and branded videos.

16. Project DentalDesigned by :Delmain

hildreth dental website

Dr. Jae Jang recently opened a practice in Washington, D.C., and contacted :Delmain to help make his startup dental practice a success. 

Our team set out to design a website that highlighted his unique selling propositions. He is the only board-certified prosthodontist in the area and has extensive experience treating aesthetic and complex cases. He also has a modern, high-tech aesthetic that was important to feature as part of reaching his ideal patient.

The result is a truly artistic, modern, and engaging design that simultaneously meets SEO best practices and drives conversions. We especially love the custom illustrations and minimalistic color scheme.

17. Swish

swish - best dental websites - delmain
Violet purple is not a color we often see on dental websites — and we love it! Visit this Canadian dental practice site and get ready for dental puns, a comedic tone, and an overall groovy, 70s-inspired design. It’s a unique take on a dental website design and yet, it sticks to important best practices like including original images, outlining services offered, and providing online booking. This fun site will definitely leave you inspired!

18. Bespoke Dental StudiosDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
The website design for Bespoke Dental Studios embodies the brand’s comfortable, high-tech, and personalized approach, highlighting the modern dental experience curated by Dr. Parth.

This website’s clean and modern layout, featuring a visually captivating blend of sleek lines and contemporary graphics, evokes a sense of relaxed professionalism. It also expertly communicates the brand’s value propositions, emphasizing complimentary consultations, patient amenities, and a 6-year warranty.

Overall, our team focused on ensuring this website design conveys the brand’s unique combination of innovation, luxury, and ethical professionalism, making it a perfect representation of the exceptional experience that awaits patients at Bespoke Dental Studios.

19. Peak Dental

hildreth dental website

Talk about energetic! This Texas dental practice surely must serve an upbeat, young patient base — their website is clearly geared toward this type of patient. By now, you’ll likely have an idea of what dental design best practices they’re getting right:

  • Online booking
  • Prominently featuring patient specials
  • Including patient reviews
  • Outlining differentiators
  • Mix of original and stock photos and video
  • Answering the most common patient questions

A great site with great vibes!

20. Atlanta Center for Advanced PerioDesigned by :Delmain

atlanta center for periodontics website

The Atlanta Center for Advanced Perio is a leader in periodontal surgery in Midtown Atlanta and Roswell. A clean, clutter-free, and modern design reflects the personality of the practice and the high-end patients they seek to attract.

The use of white space, muted colors, and original photography and videography speaks to the expertise of the practice. At the same time, conversational yet professional copy helps visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

21. Dentologie

dentologie - best dental websites - delmain
We love this website’s playful, energetic design and speedy fast page load time. The site is easy to navigate, makes a great first impression, and clearly outlines what sets them apart. Dentologie is also a great reminder that if your practice is not taking advantage of modern technology — like online booking, web chat, and online forms — you’ll soon be left behind.

What’s missing? This site could benefit from some strategic keyword optimization as well as pages built out for each of their most important services.

22. Neighbor DentalDesigned by :Delmain

jackson family dental website
This site is so fun! Neighbor Dental’s website design expertly captures the brand’s personable and compassionate essence while reflecting the energetic and homey atmosphere that sets this practice apart. The visually appealing layout, characterized by its warm color palette and engaging imagery, reflects the honest and genuine personalities of Drs. Morgan and Hubbard, the best friends turned dental partners.

The site is an excellent digital representation of the welcoming and high-quality experience patients can expect at Neighbor Dental. Just as important, it follows modern dental marketing best practices — SEO optimized, built on WordPress, fast loading, mobile-first design, easy to navigate, and even easier to request an appointment.

23. Bowles DentalDesigned by :Delmain

bowles dental website

This is one of our favorite dental websites of 2023! With a brand new logo and an engaging design, this Kansas dental practice website does an excellent job of being both approachable and modern.

One of the first things Bowles Dental does right is to capitalize on online booking and texting capabilities for patients. Remember, making it easy for patients to book an appointment is the most important thing your website should do!

This site is tied up with a neat bow (no pun intended) thanks to our focus on SEO best practices, the perfect combo of original and stock photography, and friendly copy that answers common patient questions.

What do all the coolest dental websites have in common?

  • Modern designs
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Compelling copy
  • Patient testimonials
  • Clear calls-to-action


  • Online booking
  • Patient specials
  • Fast page-load speeds

Need a dental website? Thinking of a refresh? 

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