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How It Works

Grow your practice effortlessly with :Delmain’s proven 3-step approach

Stop paying for marketing that doesn’t work. Start achieving real, tangible results that supercharge practice revenue.

Through the years of helping hundreds of practices reach their full potential, we’ve developed a 3-step marketing system that delivers qualified patients, a fully booked schedule, and scalable growth.

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Step 1

Clarify your target patient


Dispel the myth that "everyone is a perfect patient". Not all leads are created equally. Think critically about your goals to help identify your dream target patient — your Qualified Patient.

Qualified Patient

Aligns financially with your practice's model, whether in-network or fee-for-service. A Qualified Patient is often defined by their consistent appointment attendance, acceptance of treatment recommendations, long-term commitment to your practice, and potential to refer additional patients.

Unqualified Patient

Presents challenges that diverge from your ideal practice model. They may encounter financial barriers, frequently miss appointments, show reluctance to undergo suggested treatments, and have short-lived interactions with your practice.

Sam the Self-Confident

Age: 50+

Income: High

Financial Background:
Fee-for-service (FFS) patient, prefers direct payment for higher quality, personalized care


  • Maintaining and enhancing appearance
  • Cosmetic dental services that improve smile aesthetics
  • Quality and outcome of dental treatments over cost

Doug the Dad

Age: 28-40

Income: Middle class

Financial Background:
Covered by a PPO insurance plan


  • Comprehensive, in-house treatments for the whole family
  • Family-friendly practice environment
  • Convenience and accessibility for children and adults alike

Pam the Professional

Age: 30-45

Income: Upper-middle class

Financial Background:
Insured through their employer, prefers utilizing benefits but has the financial flexibility for out-of-pocket expenses when necessary


  • Frictionless communication
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate a busy lifestyle
  • Integration of modern technology in dental care

A Qualified Patient means something different to every practice. Clarify who they are. This is the essential foundation of a tailored marketing campaign.

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Step 2

Launch Marketing


Your custom-designed, strategic digital marketing campaign is shaped by years of expertise. Our strategies are refined by analyzing millions of data points and successfully booking hundreds of thousands of high-value patients for our dentists. This is our bread and butter — what we do best.

Telling Your Story



A strong brand identity will resonate with your Qualified Patient. This involves crafting a visual and verbal identity that speaks directly to their needs and preferences.



Compelling messaging effectively communicates your practice's values and unique selling propositions, addressing the specific concerns of your ideal patients.



The cornerstone of your online presence. We design and develop beautiful websites that are user-friendly, informative, and optimized for conversions.

Attracting Qualified Patients

Digital Marketing:

We coordinate your strategy using a suite of digital marketing tools, including SEO, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Meta Ads.

Targeted Advertising:

Each ad campaign is carefully crafted to attract the patients you desire most, ensuring that every marketing effort is highly targeted and effective.

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Tracking and Qualifying Leads

24/7 Reporting Dashboard:

Stay informed with real-time data on campaign performance, patient engagement, and lead generation.

Phone Call AI:

Our advanced AI technology helps us track and qualify leads through phone interactions, ensuring that every potential patient is accurately assessed for fit and readiness.

Continuous Improvement

Review and Iteration:

We’re always refining our strategies based on performance data, market trends, and patient feedback. Innovation is in our DNA. We explore new and creative solutions, ensuring optimal outcomes in an ever-evolving industry.


We’re obsessed with constantly enhancing the efficiency of your campaign. Our goal is to lower your cost per lead without compromising on quality.

Your marketing strategy sets the stage for a fully booked schedule, increased patient satisfaction, and ultimately, the success of your practice.

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Step 3

Watch production grow


This is where the magic happens – sit back as your investment pays off through tangible results. Your practice thrives, aligning seamlessly with your vision. It’s an exciting, fulfilling journey, and the best part? It all feels completely effortless.

Witness the transformative growth of your practice


Fully Booked Schedule:

Prepare to see your appointment books fill up. A consistent stream of the right patients means a busy, productive practice.


Increased Treatment Acceptance:

With a patient base that aligns with your practice’s ethos and offerings, you’ll notice a significant rise in treatment acceptance rates.


Preferred Financial Models:

If it fits your goals, you can gradually move away from reliance on insurance payments, embracing more Fee-For-Service (FFS) patients.


Upward Production Trends

As these elements come together, watch your practice's production numbers climb, reflecting a healthier, more robust business model.


Reduced Patient Attrition:

With a steady influx of new Qualified Patients, concerns over patient loss become a thing of the past.

Scale effortlessly, on your timeline

This newfound stability gives you the freedom to expand your practice. Whether it’s adding more operational facilities, hiring additional associates, or even opening new office locations, you have the foundation to grow as you see fit.

Practice Naming

Your new name will resonate with your target audience and reflect the unique identity of your practice. Our practice naming service includes state, trademark, and Google vetting.

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Make a memorable first impression! Logo design, typography, color palette, and brand guidelines — your new practice branding will be a consistent and true reflection of who you are.

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Website Design

Opt for a custom design or select from one of our high-performing turnkey frameworks. Built on WordPress with lightning-fast speed, your modern website will be your #1 source of new patients.

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Boost your online visibility and website traffic. Our SEO strategies improve Google Maps visibility, drive more Google reviews, and boost keyword rankings through effective link building, strategic content, and website optimization.

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Google Ads

Our performance-driven approach maximizes your investment and ensures the best results. Rigorous click fraud protection ensures every dollar spent drives new patients to your doorstep.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Expand your reach in the community. Our proven approach to Meta Ads includes machine learning for bid optimization and continuous testing and revising for optimal performance.

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Yahoo & Bing Ads

Your campaigns are carefully tailored to leverage the strengths of Microsoft Ads. We ensure your practice achieves maximum visibility and engagement for the lowest cost possible.

Unlimited Website Support

We maintain your website’s performance, security, and functionality. This unique service offering is designed to provide peace of mind and ensure your online presence is always at its best.

Dental Software

From online booking and paperless forms to call tracking and recording, we have personalized software and technology solutions to keep your practice competitive, current, and convenient.

Word of Mouth

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