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Dramatically Increase New Patient Bookings for the Lowest Cost Possible

Google Ads for dental startups, acquisitions, established practices, and growing DSOs.

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“Google Ads is generating new patients like clockwork.”

Dr. Ziad Kaady
Bridgetown Dental

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Step one:
Identify high-value searches

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Step two:
Launch Google Ads

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Step three:
Fast-track a fully booked schedule

Open the floodgates of qualified patients with :Delmain’s 3-step approach to Google Ads


Identify high-value searches

Over 10+ years, we’ve helped dental practices of all sizes generate hundreds of thousands of qualified patients through Google Ads. By combining our knowledge with local market research, you’ll get the best results for the lowest cost possible.

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Launch Google Ads

Using our data-driven approach, we maximize the potential of Local Service Ads, Performance Max campaigns, and Display and Search Ads. Our expertise extends to optimizing your campaigns through compelling, on-brand ad copy and conversion-optimized landing pages.

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Fast-track a fully booked schedule

Sit back and watch production grow. Behind the scenes, we actively safeguard your budget against wasteful expenses. Rigorous A/B testing, 24/7 tracking, and click fraud protection ensure every dollar spent drives qualified new patients to your doorstep.

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Practices of all sizes use :Delmain


new patients in a single month


cost per qualified lead


collections in a single year

MillBridge Dentistry

Dr. Anait Balasanyan


more patients each month


increase in website traffic from SEO


website conversion rate

Timberhill Dental

Dr. Kurt Black


more patients each month


of new patients coming from SEO


record production at one location

Miss-Lou Family Dentistry

Todd Iverstine

FAQ: Dental Google Ads Services

How much does Google Ads cost?

We offer 3 investment plans, starting at $375/month. Gone are the days of signing a long contract with a dental Google Ads company and hoping for the best. We’re confident that we can show our value in a short period of time, so we don’t require set-up fees or 12-month contracts.

How do I know Google paid advertising will work for my practice?

We only partner with dentists who we’re confident will benefit from a Google Ads strategy. Tell us about your practice, target patient demographic, the treatments you’re looking to promote, and your overall goals. We’ll tell you whether or not Google Ads will work for your practice.

Is my practice eligible to run Local Service Ads (LSAs)?

LSAs are a relatively new feature and an incredible opportunity for dentists. However, not all dentists will be eligible to run LSAs. Why? Google will not display LSA results until at least 3 businesses in your area and industry have also signed up. We’ll help you determine eligibility.

Do you share your results and progress with me?

Absolutely. Every dentist we work with gets a customized report every month. Using data gathered in Google Ads and other sources, this report highlights clicks, site traffic, phone calls driven by your ads, and new patient appointments. We’ll also explain our strategy for the coming months. Your questions and feedback are always welcome. Additionally, you’ll have access to a reporting dashboard that populates results 24/7 so you can check on campaign progress at any time.

Will I have a single point of contact?

Yes. You will have a dedicated account manager whose singular focus is helping you achieve your practice goals. All of our account managers come from a background in dental or online marketing and have worked at :Delmain for more than 1 year. They are available via phone, email, and text. You can expect proactive communication and quick response times.

Will you work with my competitors?

No. We don’t partner with competing practices. Working with similar practices in the same city sabotages results and undermines a practice’s ability to reach its full potential. When your practice wins, :Delmain wins.

Transformative Results

Practices thrive with :Delmain. Hear their stories

Google Ads Investment Options


  • Z3 active campaigns
  • VLanding pages
  • ZA/B testing
  • ZClick fraud protection
  • ZLocal Service Ads
  • ZLive analytics dashboard & data reporting
  • Z1 call tracking & recording number
  • ZDedicated account manager

Best for practices with an already strong local presence who want to maintain patient production and collections.


  • Z5 active campaigns
  • Z3 landing page
  • ZA/B testing
  • ZClick fraud protection
  • ZLocal Service Ads
  • ZLive analytics dashboard & reporting summary
  • Z4 call tracking & recording numbers
  • ZDedicated account manager

For dentists who want to become a recognizable local choice and keep a consistent stream of qualified new patients coming through their doors.


  • ZUnlimited active campaigns
  • Z5 landing pages
  • ZA/B testing
  • ZClick fraud protection
  • ZLocal Service Ads
  • ZLive analytics dashboard & reporting analysis
  • Z4 call tracking & recording numbers
  • ZDedicated account manager

Recommended for motivated and ambitious practices that are ready to dramatically increase new patients bookings in the shortest time possible.

Word of Mouth

Hear what our incredible clients say about :Delmain

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