The 44 Most Popular & Best Dental Podcasts Of 2021

Mar 2021
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Recently, we talked to more than 100 dentists, practice management experts, consultants, and other dental industry experts to learn how they stay on the cutting edge of their fields. We published their answers in a post highlighting 100+ of the best online resources for dentists.

What we found surprised us: Far and away, podcasts were the experts’ favorite way to learn. Today, we’re going to share even more of the best dental podcasts for 2021.

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Dental podcasts we’re loving right now

Feeling overwhelmed by the full list of the 44 best dental podcasts around?

Get started by listening to standout episodes from our 5 favorite dental podcasts. Learn valuable lessons about marketing, practice management, insurance, and finances from some of the biggest names in dentistry.

Dental Digest is a podcast devoted to following evidence-based dentistry so dentists never fall behind. Each week Dr. Seibert invites the movers and shakers in evidence-based dentistry to come present the most up-to-date literature, protocols and practices. This podcast aims to keep you on the cutting edge of dental science and technology and we’re now approved by the Academy of General Dentistry to provide continuing education (CE)

Recommended EpisodeDental Digest. Zirconia on steroids.

Learn the science behind the perplexing dental material, Zirconia. In this episode you’ll get a firm foundation for the details about Zirconia you may have missed in dental school or in your residency. Our guest this week is Harvard trained prosthodontist Dr. Sami Sherif.

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Dental Digest with Dr. Melissa Seibert  

– 87 ratings

HostDr. Melissa Seibert
New episodes: Weekly, 30 minutes
Topics covered Practice Management
Website: Dental Digest Institute


“Finally, a dental podcast that is actually for the clinician to improve their clinical skills based on REAL science. I listen to the podcast on my way to work and it is extremely motivating. Very easy to implement! Please invite more biomimetic dentists and cover crack diagnosis/treatment during the prep process.”

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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

Interviews With Dental Experts

Uncomplicate your dental life with Dr. Howard Farran as he interviews your fellow townies and leaders in dentistry! Dentists and dental professionals share their wisdom to make your dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.

Recommended EpisodeImplant Immersion Course and HEB Excellence with Michael E. Wehrle

Dr. Michael Wehrle graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 1989, then went on to complete a GPR at Worcester City Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Listen on DentalTown.com

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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

– 102 Ratings

HostsDr. Howard Farran
New episodesDaily, 1 hour
Topics coveredInterviews With Dental Experts
Website: www.dentaltown.com


“High energy and thought provoking interviews by Dr. Howard Farran of today’s dental leaders and experts that yield plenty of dental pearls. An hour well spent with a fantastic and entertaining podcast.”

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Get Off The Dental Treadmill Podcast

Practice Management, Practice Ownership, Finances

Get off the dental treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought you into dentistry. This podcast helps people obsessed with how to build a successful practice and get a life, too.

Recommended EpisodeHow Do You Make Your Business More “Attractive”

Dr. Ginger Bratzel is the founder and creator of Rio Grande DATP LLC. Ginger started her professional career as a dentist where she developed systems and strategies to increase patient and client attraction to create business growth.

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Get Off The Dental Treadmill Podcast

– 8 Ratings

HostsChuck Blakeman
New episodes: Twice Weekly, 25 minutes
Topics coveredPractice Management, Practice Ownership, Finances
Website: www.sticher.com


“Chuck Blakeman is an awesome person. This podcast is packed with great content to achieve real freedom in life and business!”

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This podcast is one of the best and most thorough resources for helping dentists navigate through the challenges of dental insurance. 

Recommended Episode: Virtual Consultations with Michael Anderson

In this Episode Jordon & Michael discuss virtual consultations during Covid-19.

Listen on SoundCloud

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The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

– 22 Ratings

HostsBen Tuinei and Jordan Comstock
New episodes: Monthly, 30 minutes
Topics coveredInsurance
Website: www.soundcloud.com


“I listen to a lot of dental podcasts and I have to say this podcast truly puts out valuable content that can truly help one’s dental practice. Insurance billing is cumbersome and frustrating to our front office, so learning processes to help us navigate the insurance world is a definite welcome. Host does a good job asking good/quality questions to help stimulate worthwhile conversation. I think quality and qualifying questions is what sets apart great podcasts from the average ones. Ben and Jordan does a great job with asking the right questions making the interview insightful. Keep up the great work and content.”

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The Raving Patients Podcast by Leonard Tau

Online Reputation, Credibility, Visibility

The Raving Patients Podcast helps you learn not only how to revitalize your practice’s online reputation, but also increase your visibility and credibility on Google and how to use the power of your happy patients to market your practice online.

Recommended Episode: The 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Dental Practice Website

Your website is the “heart” of your online marketing. With so much competition amongst dental practices, you need a website that will help you stand out from the pack. My guest today is Kayvan Mott, co-founder of DocSites.com, a company that specializes in helping dentists and doctors improve their marketing strategies and online presence.

We discuss the five essential elements your website needs to be effective with current and prospective patients. Tune in now to learn how to showcase your practice and leverage marketing tools like SEO and social media to increase your online visibility.


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The Raving Patients Podcast by Leonard Tau

– 9 Ratings

HostsDr. Leonard Tau
New episodes: Weekly, 50 minutes
Topics coveredOnline Reputation, Credibility, Visibility
Website: www.ravingpatientspodcast.com


“Dr. Tau does a fantastic job in this podcast. A diverse group of guests and some great content dentists can put in their practice day 1 after listening. Highly recommend!”

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