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The Top 31 Books For Dentists of 2024

January 2024
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In the dynamic world of dentistry, staying informed is crucial. Wondering what books your peers are reading? We’ve got you covered with our list of the 31 best dental books for 2024, all highly recommended by dentists and dental experts.

Whether your goal is to grow your practice, learn new techniques and strategies, or improve patient care, these top dental books will be valuable assets in your professional journey.

1. 365 Days of Social Posts for Dentistry

Rachel Mele

To help you create new ideas for social media posts for your dental practice.

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“What a great resource for dental professionals wanting to up their game and keep their practice active on social media. Rachel has done so much of the legwork!! This book is so well put together! Such great ideas and fun ways to highlight YOUR office on social media and make it fun and relevant to the day of the year! Thank you, Rachel Mele!” – Dee Dee R.

2. A Cup Of Coffee With 12 Leading Dentists In The United States: Inspirational short stories and valuable insights into a new era of dentistry

Elias J. Achey Jr. D.M.D & Jared M. Van Ittersum D.D.S.

To help you understand how top dentists operate within their careers and at their practices.

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“Excellent read! I knew Dr. Smelko was funny, but I didn’t know he had so many great stores to tell. Every time I have an appointment, we spend a few minutes recapping the latest sports news. I loved all the touching stories in this book, but the best part is that it raises money for a charity that benefits children. Thanks Doc!” – Tracy W.

3. An Introduction to Mobile & Teledentistry: How Technology, Consumer Demand & Prevention Are Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Melissa Turner & Sonya Dunbar

To help you better understand how to integrate mobile and teledentistry into your practice.

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From the publisher: Dentistry is changing in the blink of an eye thanks to new technologies and consumer demand. Mobile dentistry and teledentistry are two popular and innovative healthcare delivery models that are more important than ever! Written by leading industry experts, this book provides an overview of how implementing mobile dentistry and teledentistry within dental practices can benefit both the patient and the provider. You’ll find an in-depth look at modern mobile dentistry — from concierge services to preventive programs in workplace settings — and discover how adaptable and customizable the mobile delivery of healthcare truly is. You’ll also learn how teledentistry is simply the newest form of delivery care and is essential to help dental practices reach patients in the palm of their hands.

4. Balance: A Guide to Managing Dental Caries for Patients and Practitioners

V. Kim Kutsch, DMD

To help you and your team best manage dental caries in patients.

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“I have been a dentist for over 30 years. “Balance” is at the foundation of a paradigm shift in the way we understand the tooth decay/caries process. Whether a dental professional or a patient (and in reality, we are all patients) “Balance” will give you an appreciation as to WHY some people get decay more than others and HOW to manage and halt the decay process.” – Mike

5. BlabberMouth!

Susan Smallegan & Diana Kightlinger Decouteau Maples

To help you gain an understanding of how your dental health relates to your whole body health.

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“An excellent complete exploration about the important role that dental health plays in the overall health and wellness of all patients. “Blabbermouth!” (great title) includes the application of recent discoveries about the connection between oral disease and systemic disease and how you can prevent these. The formatting makes for easy reading and understanding. I recommend it for patients and dental professionals.” – Lynn C.

6. By the Numbers: A Guide to Buying and Running Your Dental Practice

Addison Killeen DDS & Kevin Rossen

To help you learn how to buy, operate, and grow a dental practice.

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“I wished that I bought this book when I was in dental school. This would have saved me a lot of heartache in my first few years after buying a dying practice with inflated numbers. This would have helped greatly with dealing with insurance companies, as well as figuring out logistics like fees, staff pay, etc. This is the one area (and most important area) not covered in dental school for being a dentist….how to run a business.” – Matthew L.

7. Communication Skills for Dental Health Care Providers

Lance Brendan Young, Cynthia O’Toole, & Bianca Wolf

To help you strengthen your team’s communication strategies with patients.

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From the publisher: “This evidence-based textbook presents the essential communication strategies clinicians should know to facilitate interaction with patients. With a focus on practical strategies instead of dense communication theories, the authors facilitate improved patient-provider communication and demonstrate how to elicit accurate patient information during the health interview, communicate effectively during examinations and procedures, and present preventive and restorative treatment plans from a patient-centered perspective.

8. Dental Practice Hero: From Ordinary Practice to Extraordinary Experience

Dr. Paul Etchison

To help you learn strategies for running your dental office, leading your team, and practicing dentistry.

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“Excellent book to pick at any point in your career. Dr. Etchison shares precious recommendations for better personal and professional life. It is not just a book; it is a guide. Dr. Etchison also has a fantastic podcast that comes out twice a week and makes my commute feels short. Thank you!” – Michael S.

9. Evidence-Based Dentistry for the Dental Hygienist

Julie Frantsve-Hawley

To help dental hygienists learn how to best practice evidence-based dentistry.

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“A great review in reading scientific literature. It is important to keep current in this ever-changing profession.” – Michele

10. From Search to Smile: How to Book More of the Right Patients Through Dental Marketing

Dan Delmain

For dentists who are frustrated by a lack of growth or uncertain about the future of their practice. A must-read if you want more patients!

“I’m here to share a few of the most helpful things I’ve learned from my years of experience in the dental industry and outline the PROVEN dental marketing systems your practice can use to stop just surviving and start thriving. I promise you, with the right marketing strategy, it is possible!”

11. Get Found, Get Liked, Get Patients: Making the Most of Social Media

Rita Zamora

To help you attract new patients to your dental practice through social media.

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“This book is a must-read for dentists or dental teams looking to get more new patients. Social media is now one of the leading ways to get in front of potential new patients and Rita is the expert on helping you get out there. She has industry experience and is a leader in this arena. She makes it easy to understand and to follow. In her book, she mentions that she learned from a wise coach in her past that “perfection stands in the way of progress”. With this book, you can learn how to get out there without jeopardizing perfection or progress. Great job Rita – this will help so many offices!” – Laura N.

12. Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice

Christoph Ramseier & Jean E. Suvan

To help you understand motivational interviewing techniques to better communicate with patients.

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“This is a wonderful book for those who believe oral health is mainly relational. If you afford a good relationship with your patient then everything will be easy. Dentists, dental hygienists, this is a book for them. Understanding the patient, understanding patient behaviors is the key for a successful dental practice.” – Mario A

Are podcasts more of your style?

13. How to Create and Grow an In-House Membership Program For Your Dental Practice

Jordon Comstock

To help you set up and grow a dental membership program.

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“This book has helped our practice quickly get started with a dental membership program! Full of great insights and resources that helped us get started!” – Crystal

14. Marketing the Million Dollar Practice: 27 Steps to Follow to Grow 1/2 Million a Year

Dr. Bill Williams

To help your practice achieve rapid growth and higher profits through new patients.

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“Dr. Bill Williams is a master marketer and in this book, he doesn’t pull any punches. He tells you the good, the bad, and the ugly, so to speak. That means he shares his missteps as well as his successes. He tells you what to do and gives you the knowledge to be able to do what he has done. Doctors pay thousands of dollars to consultants who don’t have a fraction of the knowledge that this book teaches. Whether you work with a marketing consultant or not, this book can give you a competitive advantage, and using its principles can virtually assure your success. Every progressive dental business person should read and study this book, then read and study it again.” – Kent L.

15. Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Stanley F. Malamed DDS

To help you learn skills needed to manage dental emergencies at your practice.

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“This book is a really good review and reference to keep on hand. It also has full-color flow charts and the new CPR guidelines indexed at the back. A great resource to have in any office, especially those that treat elderly patients, or provide IV sedation.”

16. Million Dollar Dentistry

Gary Kadi

To help learn how to create a culture through coaching at your practice.

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“Kadi writes this book using a different assumption rather than the prevailing one that exists in the profession. Specifically, the prevailing assumption among most practices is that most dental patients “cannot afford complete care…and seek care only when notable and persistent pain occurs.” Kadi writes that he is “establishing a proactive approach…to offset these beliefs and behaviors.” The book outlines a complete approach to patient education that includes not only dental problem solving but also addressing patient needs and fear assessments. This author’s approach extends patients’ essential care through preventive care and cosmetic treatment marketing.” – Tom B.

17. Moving Your Patients To Yes

Teresa Duncan

To help you better communicate the value of treatment to get patients to move forward with it.

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“I have a copy, have since ordered 4 more for new team members and friends in the field. I carry my copy with me every day! Even with many years of experience, this is the best guide to keep your communication with insurance fluent. I continue to read and re-read.”

18. Pivot: Practice Leadership Redefined How Dentists Adjust Course & Just Do the Dentistry

Ginny Hegarty

To help you transition successfully from a dentist to a dental practice owner.

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“One of the biggest challenges we have as dentists is how to develop a team to be the best they can possibly be. This easy-reading book is filled with ideas on how you can become a more effective leader and get the most out of your team. Whether you are the boss or an associate, this book will help you engage and build a strong team, deal easily with issues, and prevent problems in the future. Ginny has years of experience as a dental practice consultant and we are fortunate that she is sharing her knowledge through this book. I am recommending this book to all of my colleagues!” – John R.

19. Practice Dentistry Pain-free: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Pain & Extend Your Career

Bethany Valachi

To help you practice dentistry in a way that is pain-free for you and your team.

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“In my humble opinion, this is a must-read book for dental professionals in understanding, preventing, and managing the musculoskeletal disorders which are the most common chronic pain and the primary cause of disability of dental professionals.” – Jim T.

20. Profit First for Dentists: Proven Cash Flow Strategies for Financial Freedom

Barbara Stackhouse & Drew Hinrichs

How to help you run your dental practice to ensure sound financial decision making and reliable profits.

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“Profit First for Dentists is written in such a down-to-earth, practical way that is going to help EVERYONE, but those who wish to make more profits from their dental clinic, especially. Barb Stackhouse is a powerhouse in her field. To be able to get her decades of experience, her hours of mastery on this subject, and her amazingness all in one place is extremely worthwhile for anyone willing to take the time to read the book and follow her advice. Just do it — you won’t regret a second of it!” – Sarah T.

21. Step Away From The Drill: Your Dental Front Office Handbook to Accelerate Training and Elevate Customer Service

Laura Hatch

To help you learn skills to better lead your dental practice and get more out of your team.

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“As a practice Management coach, I consider myself to be always learning from others. Whether it’s a good book, a new practice, or a colleague, I gain perspective, knowledge, and tools from multiple resources. This book has it all and so much more for every position in Dentistry! Just because you’re not a dentist, doesn’t mean you can’t pick this book up, it truly is for everyone.” – Steph

22. Take Action: Treatment Coordination for a Successful Dental Practice

Ann Marie Gorczyca

To help you learn how to manage the day-to-day of your dental practice.

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“If you are new to practice ownership or have been in business 20 years you and your team will find valuable information to help your consultation process in this book.” – Michael V Palasz, DMD, MS

23. Teeth: The Story of Beauty, Inequality, and the Struggle for Oral Health in America

Mary Otto

To help you better understand how oral health plays a vital role in our society.

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“Mary Otto has been involved in the tragic death of Deamonte Driver due to dental infection for several years. She deserves enormous credit for bringing this story to the public. In her new book, “Teeth,” Ms. Otto takes her formidable investigative skills and applies them to an accurate, and interesting account of the founding of the dental profession, and why it was never integrated into medicine. Most importantly, she unearths the many sad tales of the inadequate resources allocated for dental services in the USA. At a time when it has become clear that dental disease, especially periodontal disease, is a contributory cause to many inflammatory-based systemic diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and renal disease, it is important to read this book.”

24. The $10,000 a Day Dentist: 50 Ways to Create a Highly Successful Practice

Dr. Bill Williams

To help you better understand how to build and manage a successful practice.

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“The “$10,000 a day” title could lead one to think this book is all about money, but that is not the case at all! I truly appreciated the author’s comprehensive approach to success in dentistry with the heart of the book focused on one’s purpose, passion, and life alignment with a touch of Christian scripture. The constructive tips and strategies encompassed how the dentist, patients, team members, current technology (clinical and non-clinical) impact the dental practice and what needs to be implemented to enable happiness for all.” – Ayanna B.

25. The Bulletproof Practice by Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak

Peter Boulden & Craig Spodak

To help you better understand how to bring your practice to the next level through a patient care philosophy.

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“Craig and Peter are the real deal. Each crafted a big vision for their practices and the impact they wanted to make in the dental world. And each hit bumps in the road but pushed through to fulfill their mission. Now they’re sharing how any dentist can fulfill their own mission, vision, and passion for dentistry. Really well done.” – Nick

26. The Myth of the Rich Doctor

Vicki Rackner & Reginald A.T. Armstrong

To help you build wealth and set yourself up for success as a dentist in your 50s and 60s.

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From the publisher: For even high-earning physicians, wealth-building is fraught with complexity. CNN Senior Health Correspondent says, “Don’t miss Dr. Vicki Rackner.”

27. The Oral-Systemic Health Connection: A Guide to Patient Care

Michael Glick

To help you better understand the oral-systemic health connection.

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“I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the book was to read. While it had copious references and detailed scientific descriptions, it is written in a way that wet-gloved dental professionals can easily understand. This is because of the many conclusions, summary boxes, color pictures, figures, and other pages like “Clinical Considerations – What you can take back to your practice” interspersed throughout the book. Upon completion of the book, I felt like I had been updated on the different facets of the science behind the O-S connection.” – Lynn C.

28. The Startup Dentist: The Definitive Guide to Starting a Successful Dental Practice From Idea to Opening Day

Stephen Trutter, Jayme Amos, & Dr. Bryan Packard

To help you through all stages of starting a dental practice from scratch.

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“If you’re looking for insight into the process of how to open a dental office from A to Z… this is your all-in-one guidebook. It is a must for any dental associate or student with an entrepreneurial edge. Written from a place of experience vs. simple opinion, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to succeed in this next step of your career.” – Ken J.

29. The Stress-Free Dentist: Overcome burnout and start loving dentistry again

Dr. Eric Block

To help you learn strategies for lessening stress as a dentist or dental professional.

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‘This is a well laid out resource for dentists at all stages of their careers and is especially important reading for newly minted dentists to help them avoid stumbling blocks, mistakes, and professional and personal actions that can lead to burnout. Many great tips, suggestions, and resources.” – Jack

30. They Didn’t Teach Us THAT In Dental School: Strategies for Dental Practice Success

Steven M. Katz

To help you move from being a dental student and practicing dentist to a practice owner.

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“Wow, what a great book! It’s so easy to forget exactly why we became dentists. Dr. Katz has essentially presented strategies in an entertaining book for any doctor to improve his or her practice. Dental school teaches you how to perform dentistry, but falls short of teaching us the process by which patients interpret the care we provide. Any practice would benefit by implementing these ideas, although the greatest benefit is seen and felt by the patients themselves.” – Greg F.

31. Titans of Dentistry: How the top performers think and act differently

Dr. Justin Short & Dr. David Maloley

To help you better understand what helps set top-performing dentists apart from the rest.

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“Dr. Justin Short and Dr. David Maloley put together a unique, must-read book for dentists. The style is different from a typical book – meaning each chapter is basically a Q & A for a given set of questions. Having said that, there is a ton of great recommendations from the “Titans of Dentistry.” I feel that this is a must read for anyone who seeks success in dentistry. Highly recommended!” – Trent N.

Craving more dental knowledge?

If you’re looking for information on how to improve your practice, there are endless resources to do just that. At :Delmain, we’ve done the research on the best resources available so you don’t have to.

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