How to Choose the Best Dental Website Template

Jul 2023
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Do you need a new dental website? If it’s been more than 5 years since you last updated your website, the answer is probably YES!

While custom-designed websites offer many benefits, they’re not for everyone. If you’re interested in getting more new patients through your website but aren’t ready to invest in a fully custom design, a dental website template may be exactly what you need.

What is a dental website template?

You can add your own images, colors, and copy to a templated design, but the fundamental features of your site cannot be changed. With a templated website, you can’t guarantee that another dentist won’t have a very similar-looking website.

Custom or templated dental website design?

Take our quiz to evaluate whether your dental practice needs a custom or templated website design.

What is your budget?

Custom dental websites will cost your practice between 6,000-$12,000, depending on your needs. On the other hand, a dental website template will keep the cost of a new website below $6,000.

Do you have a strict budget that must stay under $6,000?

  • If yes, you need a templated website design
  • If no, continue to the next question
What is your timeline?

Dental website templates are already designed, so can be created faster than a custom site — usually under 10 weeks.

Keep in mind that the information on your site — all the copy and images — should still be original. Never sign up for a templated site that is 100% stock photos with copy-and-pasted content.

Do you need to have a new site ready in under 8 weeks?

  • If yes, you need a templated website design
  • If no, continue to the next question
What’s the vision for your website design?

The design of your templated website is more or less set in stone. While you’ll be able to customize elements like colors, images, and content, the design (including the look, feel, and function) cannot be altered.

Do you have a specific vision for your website?

  • If no, a templated website design might be the perfect solution
  • If yes, you need a custom design
What’s the goal of your website?

Your website can and should be your #1 source of new patients. But certain templated websites can make that challenging. However, the same can also be said of a custom-designed website. The important thing here is to make sure that, whatever route you choose, work with someone to set up your site in a way that’s optimized to meet your digital marketing goals and get new patients through your doors.

Do you want a website that’s optimized for performance?*

  • If yes, a templated or custom website can help meet your goals (as long as you know what you’re doing — or work with someone who does!)

*Trick question — your website, whether a templated or custom design, should always be optimized for performance!

Still not sure what type of website will best fit your needs?

Contact us to book an intro call. We help dentists make this decision every single day!

Choosing the best website template for your practice

If you’re confident a templated design is the best choice for your practice, the next step is picking a template. This is typically the hardest part for dentists — there are so many templates to choose from.

We can bring a bit of clarity and simplicity to the process. Below are the 4 most important things to consider when choosing a template for your dental website.

  • Content Management System (CMS) — We always recommend building your website in WordPress, but many dental website templates are found in Squarespace and Wix. Always double-check that the CMS and template you choose is mobile first and can integrate with your practice management system.
  • Content — Is there important information that must be included on the homepage (for example, a section on insurance and financing)? If so, make sure your chosen template offers space in the design for these details.
  • Number of pages — Our dental website templates do not have a page limit, but keep in mind that many other template options do!
  • Non-proprietary — Make sure you will own your website and that the website code is nonproprietary. You should be able to make edits to the site yourself. Plus, even if you’re working with an agency or designer to create your website, you should be able to take it with you/keep it if you ever choose to leave that partnership.

At Delmain, we offer a variety of modern dental website templates and will ask a series of questions to combine our templated page designs into a website that’s uniquely yours.

Looking for a more customized website solution?

Check out our list of the best custom dental websites of the year for inspiration.

You chose a template, now what?

Choosing the template is very important, but it’s still only part of the entire website creation process. Unless you have a dedicated design and development team on staff, we never recommend setting up a website on your own.

Here’s just a small snapshot of what else is involved in the process of setting up a new website:

  • Creating a sitemap
  • Writing original, keyword-optimized headlines, copy, and CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Adding images
  • Creating calls-to-action and integrating any online booking features
  • Following technical best practices and optimizing your entire site for SEO
  • Setting up and adding tracking numbers to monitor website performance

So many dentists are tricked by advertisements of “free dental website templates!”. The template may look nice, but the reality is that these “free” websites still require so much work and know-how that the end result is often a disaster.

Ready to grow your practice with a new website?

Whether you’re looking for a custom site or need a templated design, Delmain’s ready to help build your practice a dental website that will rank higher in Google searches and attract new patients.

Here are 2 places to start:

  1. Get a free website evaluation from our team. See where (and why) your website is not converting visitors to patients.
  2. We want to learn about your practice and your vision for a new website. Book an intro call today.

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