105 Best Podcasts, Videos, Books, Blogs, Facebook Groups & Conferences Dentists Are Talking About In 2023

Oct 2023
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When it comes to practice management, new technologies, and growing their practices, who are the top dentists turning to right now? We asked over leading 100 dentists, lawyers, practice management consultants, and other industry experts for their favorite dental resources and are here to share what we’ve found.

Below you’ll find the 105 best podcasts, YouTube channels, books, blogs, message boards, Facebook Groups, and conferences featuring information on:

  • Hiring and growing a successful team
  • Practice management
  • New dental technologies and continuing education
  • Wealth management and financial planning
  • Dental marketing and SEO
  • Website design
  • And much more…

YouTube Channels

dental youtube channels for dentists delmain


dental books for dentists delmain

Print is dead? Not so fast! These books on dentistry provide timeless advice and expert insights any dentist can benefit from. Tip: When available, the ebook version may be periodically updated with new information from the authors.

Message boards, blogs & websites

dental blogs websites message boards for dentists delmain


dental conferences for dentists delmain

There’s just no substitute for in-person learning and networking. Below you’ll find top dental conferences in Scottsdale, Seattle, Austin, and many other great cities. Find a topic you’re passionate about and book your trip! 

Want to see the complete list of dental conferences organized by general, career advancement, innovation and practice management? Click here to see the complete list of top dental conferences.

See something we missed?

We’re always on the lookout for more dental resources. If you’ve got a favorite we didn’t include, tell us about it — and why you think dentists need to see it.

Run your office even more efficiently

Read 57 consultants’ favorite dental practice management tips.

Get inspired

See the best dental websites of the year.

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