The 2023 Guide To Dental Scheduling Software

Feb 2023
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If I go to your website right now, could I make an appointment without having to send you an email, fill out a contact form, or pick up the phone? In other words: has your practice invested in online dental scheduling software?

If not, you’re getting left behind. Recent research shows that 43% of patients prefer to book online, and 80% of patients said they would switch providers who offer online booking for convenience factors alone!

Keep reading to understand more advantages of online dental scheduling software. We’ll take a closer look at the main players in the field and answer a few common questions, including ”how do I choose the right scheduling software for my practice?”.

Is online appointment scheduling worth it?

Do you only answer the phone during your practice’s business hours? (One study reported that 43% of patients look for dentists after hours). Does it take you a day or so to respond to inquiries sent through your website’s contact form? What do you think potential patients are doing while waiting for a response?

Many will keep looking for a new dentist, especially if they’re in a hurry to get an appointment. Online appointment scheduling offers instant gratification and gets new patients started right away without any unnecessary waiting.

Key benefits of dental scheduling software

Eliminates frustration
Appointment Reminders
For your patients
Can schedule an appointment anytime, even when your office is closed
Can choose the appointment time that fits their schedule without back and forth communication
Schedule an appointment with just a few clicks, no phone call needed
No waiting on hold, no voicemails, and no hassle
Patients can get reminded about their appointments via text, email, or phone call
For your practice
Less time spent answering the phone means more productive time in the office
You specify when your dentists and hygienists are available, minimizing downtime
Once your scheduling software is set up, it does the work for you
Online scheduling saves time and eliminates accidental double-booking
Your staff will spend less time sending and following up on appointment reminders

3 top dental scheduling software platforms

:Delmain's pick

best online dental scheduling nexhealth delmain

Key Feature: NexHealth helps dentists acquire new patients and keeps them coming back. Also features automations to reduce no-shows and cancellations

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localmed best dental scheduling software delmain

Key Feature: Seamlessly integrates with most practice management systems and keeps your schedule up to date at all times.

Learn More

zocdoc best dental scheduling software delmain

Key Feature: Not just an appointment platform, ZocDoc aims to be a directory of dentists, doctors, and other healthcare practitioners. It may be a key source of new patients for your practice.

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At :Delmain, we work with dentists around the country. Many have increased their new patient appointments and overall patient satisfaction by investing in dental scheduling software for their practices. While there are a variety of options to choose from, most of the practices we work with use Localmed, Nexhealth, or Zocdoc based on their unique needs.

Check out a few of our dental clients and see how they’ve made scheduling software part of their websites:

How to choose a dental scheduling platform

HIPAA compliance

Take your patients’ privacy seriously. Before you sign up for any dental scheduling software, ask about its HIPAA compliance. While there are many new startups creating dental scheduling software, they may not take patient privacy and security as seriously as more established companies.

Practice management system integration

Dentrix, Lighthouse 360, PracticeWorks, EagleSoft, and SolutionReach are a few of the practice management systems used by dental practices. When selecting a scheduling platform, find out how it will integrate with your current workflow.

Essential features for your practice

If your practice has more than one dentist, more than one location, or offers unique specialty services, make sure to take these into consideration when allowing patients to book appointments online. Will the software allow patients to pick their provider or office location? Will they be able to request a longer appointment to discuss implants, veneers, or gum disease treatments? Look for flexibility and software that can grow with your practice.

User experience

Remember, the whole point of dental scheduling software is to make it easier for your patients to make an appointment. When you’re evaluating different platforms, try them yourself! Put yourself in your patients’ shoes. Ask questions like:

  • How many steps does it take?
  • Is it obvious what information is needed?
  • Is the process different on a smartphone?
  • What happens after you schedule? Is there an email or other confirmation?
  • Does it integrate with your website and patient management system?

Need help booking more of the right patients?

Online booking is an incredible benefit for both you and your patients, but it’s not a standalone strategy. Make sure you also invest in online marketing to attract new patients, convince them to click “book now”, and become loyal patients.

At :Delmain, we take a comprehensive and proactive approach to dental marketing. We know how to keep your practice ahead of the competition and ensure you’re attracting and booking more of the right patients.

If you want to learn more, book an intro call. We’d love to hear from you.

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