How Delmain Helped A California Dentist See 90 New Patients Per Month

A 400% increase thanks to a new website and SEO strategy!

The Dentist

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to over 7 million people, including many who work in high-tech careers and who are health conscious and well educated. Dr. Nammy Patel spent years building her practice, Green Dentistry, and becoming a nationally-recognized leader in health-first dentistry.

But what would take her practice to the next level?

The Challenge

As a California Dentist located in busy Union Square in the heart of San Francisco, Dr. Patel had no shortage of new patient opportunities. But the patients who were finding her didn’t always see the value in her unique approach to patient care. She wanted to attract patients who:

  • See value in investing in preventive and cosmetic care
  • Play an active role in their health
  • Are interested in high-tech treatments
  • Would love her spa-like office

Dr. Patel needed a new approach to her dental marketing strategy and how her website portrayed her practice. Delmain was ready to help this California Dentist reinvent her online marketing and website.

The Results

It took a little time, but Dr. Patel’s patient base began to evolve. She was booking appointments with patients interested in cosmetic treatments, mercury-free fillings, and gum disease cures, along with plenty of new patient exams.

Dr. Patel is now averaging nearly 90 new patients per month, a nearly 400% increase over her previous website. Additionally, by writing blog posts focused around high-traffic and low-competition keywords, Dr. Patel’s Google search rankings shot through the roof:

The blue line above shows Google search traffic over a recent 6-month period. The orange line below shows the same information for the previous 6 months — before Dr. Patel’s new website.


Over a 2-year period, new patient opportunities delivered from organic traffic increased by 168%. Local search results showed a marked increase as well — Dr. Patel’s visibility and rankings in Google Maps increased by more than 50%.

Recent Google Keyword Rankings

Biological dentist 1
Holistic dentist in SF 1
Gum disease dentist San Francisco 5
Teeth whitening San Francisco 8
Dentist in SF 9

There is still work to be done, most notably on more specific and high-end services like teeth whitening and gum disease treatments where competition is intense. By continuing to optimize site pages and blog posts around these topics, we plan to help Dr. Patel rank even higher for these high-value phrases.

Here’s what Dr. Patel had to say,

“Dan and his team do quality and amazing work. I love my new website and all the work you’ve been doing. I’ve had more time to focus on my non-profit and to work on my book, Age With Style. Thank you so much!”

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“The number of new patients that my practice now receives is more than double what it was last year.”

– Dr. Kelly Blodgett, Owner, Blodgett Dental Care


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Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.


Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.

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