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Podium: Interaction Management Software

:Delmain’s 2019 Guide to Services & Software for Dentists

September 2019
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Dentists are always looking for the next big thing to attract new patients, increase retention of existing patients, raise profitability, and grow their practices.

In this series, we’ll be examining the top services and software for dentists, starting with Podium, a tool that helps:

  • Encourage patient reviews
  • Attract new patients
  • Connect with patients

Let’s take a look at the most common questions dentists we’ve worked with have about Podium.

“What’s the simplest way to understand what Podium is and what it does?”

Podium’s Interaction Management platform helps small and local businesses — like dentists — remodel their customer interactions.

Over 86% of customers make informed decisions about which business will be most convenient for them by checking online reviews.

Podium equips dentists with a faster way to gather reviews that helps solidify their online presence and draw in new patients. It also instantly connects them with patients to answer questions, encourage reviews, and ask for feedback.

“What will change for my patients if I start using Podium? How does it improve their experience at my practice?”

Podium recently conducted a survey of patients, including those seeking dental providers, and found that 90% of people prefer texting over any other form of communication.

Historically, there hasn’t been a great option for dental offices to make the transition to texting. The majority of practices are still using phone calls and emails as their main channels, despite it becoming increasingly ineffective. Podium’s Webchat tool allows for smooth and effortless communication between a patient and the dental office, so they can feel like their inquiries matter, and their needs will be met no matter the time of day.

“How long does it take to get started with Podium? What do I need to have ready and how soon will I start seeing results?”

After setting up their location and username, dentists can begin using the platform, start collecting reviews and using Messenger within minutes after signing up.

“What can I get out of Podium that my front desk person can’t do on their own?”

Podium allows front desk staff to prioritize patients in the office while simultaneously capturing more appointment requests and questions from other patients through text messaging. An employee at a dentist office recently said Podium has allowed them to “serve more patients more effectively.”

Improving patient interactions via Webchat and Messenger allows a practice to answer patient inquiries quickly, leaving the patients feeling valued and satisfied. This in turn increases the likelihood of positive reviews and repeat patients.

Front desk staff will spend less time on the phone setting appointments and answering questions, and more quality time ensuring that current patients have all of their needs met before they’re out the door.

“How does Podium compare to Birdeye and other platforms?”

Unlike other platforms, Podium helps strengthen every interaction from prospective patients and current patients to even the practices’ staff.

For dentists, the biggest game-changer is focusing on patient acquisition and streamlining all communication both externally and internally using the Reviews tool, Webchat tool, and the Teamchat tool.

When a patient searches for a dentist in their area, they come across your practice. From there, they land on your website and have Podium as a quick way to communicate with you.

With the Webchat tool, patients can ask questions and schedule appointments via text message. The Reviews tool then automates the process of sending out reviews by integrating with most dental software, via text message after the patient’s appointment.

The Teamchat tool simplifies all internal communication. Your staff can communicate throughout the day. Front desk staff can now notify a doctor about the next patient in the lobby, or the hygienist about a patient’s insurance questions without leaving the front area unattended.

Podium streamlines the responsibilities of your staff and brings in new patients at the same time.

“I’ve already got a lot of 5-star ratings. Why would I sign up for Podium?”

Plenty of 5-star reviews is a good problem to have!

But the more reviews you gather, the more you will stand out against your online competition — remember, they’re going to be looking to increase their review count as well. You have to stay ahead.

By continuing to encourage new reviews, the likelihood that you will have prospective patients wanting to reach out to you rises. In addition Webchat allows you to retain prospective patients from your site that would have bounced otherwise since research has shown less and less patients are using the phone.

Podium’s Messenger tool lets you create a better patient experience than ever before. From scheduling to follow-up, you are able to actually use the communication channels patients use and trust.

Then using Feedback, you are able to learn more about your patients’ experience and improve any experience leaks the practice might have, which leads to more positive reviews where the cycle can then repeat.

When you start using Podium, you’ll have a strategy call to go over best practices and make sure you’re getting the most out of the system. Dentists can start getting value out of Podium the day they sign up.

“Does Podium integrate in any way with other programs/tools, like my patient relationship management software?”


Yes! Podium integrates with OpenDental, Eaglesoft, Dentrix, and other platforms with more on the way.


Getting Started With Podium

“Our feedback loop is getting better all the time because of Podium. Our staff now realizes that a lot of patients are coming in because of our reviews, so it pushes them to deliver the best possible experience for the patients. That’s had a huge impact for us.”

Steward Stearns, Director of Digital Marketing at Affordable Dentures & Implants


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