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Dental Implant Marketing: How to Attract More Implant Cases Predictably and Profitably

November 2023
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If you’re interested in increasing your implant production, here’s something that will excite you — according to the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP), roughly 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. And 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth.

Is it time for you to capitalize on this demand?

One of the most common questions we hear from partners is, “How do I get more implant cases?”

There’s a massive market of people who need a few implants or a full mouth. These potential patients are just waiting for your practice to use the right implant marketing strategy to reel them in and point them toward a better future.

What’s the key to effective dental implant marketing?

If you want to become a go-to implant provider in your area, a fresh marketing strategy is essential. With a spike in recent competition, merely listing “implants” as a service on your website won’t be enough to consistently attract multiple high-value implant cases per month (or more!).

Instead, you must adopt a smarter, more strategic marketing approach.

So how do you attract more implant cases predictably and profitably? Use our effective 6-point implant marketing strategy.

1. Establish a clear production goal

Picture this scenario: you’re running late for a dinner reservation, and in your haste, you simply type “restaurant” into your maps app. Frustration builds as it fails to lead you to the exact restaurant you had in mind. But here’s the question: how could you expect it to know your exact destination when you never specified it in the first place?

Marketing operates on a similar principle! Instead of merely stating, “I want more implant cases,” you need to define a clear starting point—a specific destination if you will.

For instance: “I want 3 full arch implant cases each month”

By setting this initial goal, you lay the foundation for your marketing endeavors. It not only guides your marketing budget and strategy but also serves as a benchmark to gauge the success of your efforts.

2. Create stand-out content

In the realm of implant marketing, one fundamental truth has become abundantly clear: generic, soulless marketing no longer suffices. Selling implant treatment isn’t merely about attracting patients to a service; it’s about building a connection with the practice.

On your website and in your advertisements, you should invest in video content that makes you stand out from the rest and answers this key question “Why should they choose YOU over the implant center up the street?

Top implant video content ideas:

  • Doctor featured videos
  • Patient testimonials
  • Before/After smile reveals
  • Consultation walkthrough
  • Technology spotlight
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Real-life example of a highly successful dental implant landing page

Check out this example of a conversion-optimized landing page design.

(By the way, this landing page helped drive over $500,000 of implant production in just 5 months!)

5. Qualify leads ahead of their appointment

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Before slotting a dental implant lead into your practice’s consultation schedule, it’s essential to take preliminary measures to ensure they are not only interested but also likely to afford the treatment. Time is of the essence in this process. The longer a lead lingers without engagement, the greater the chances they’ll lose interest or turn to a competitor for their needs.

During the initial contact, your goal should be to accomplish several key objectives:

  • Build rapport: Establish a connection with the lead by demonstrating empathy, understanding, and a genuine interest in their needs.
  • Financial qualification: Assess the lead’s financial capability discreetly but effectively. This step is vital to gauge whether they can realistically commit to implant treatment.
  • Pre-sell implant value: Take this opportunity to highlight the benefits and value of dental implants in general. Moreover, emphasize the unique advantages of choosing your practice.

6. Measure the right data points

Rather than focusing solely on “cost per lead” (which is irrelevant if none of them are buying), make sure your marketing efforts are focused on additional metrics that help paint a clearer picture:

  • Cost per qualified lead
  • Cost per scheduled appointment
  • Show up rate
  • Cost per treatment sold
  • Return on investment

Try tracking these metrics to determine if your implant marketing is a success or a failure.

Want to make this your most profitable year yet? Create your personalized dental implant marketing campaign

help your dso take the next step :delmain

The Implant Engine is the implant marketing arm of :Delmain. Our unique turn-key system ensures that your practice receives highly qualified implant cases like clockwork, without anyone on your staff having to chase down leads or deal with an abundance of no-shows.

We do it all for you – create stand-out content, run your ads, and even qualify your leads so you can hit your implant production goals fast.

Reach out and let us know the challenges you’re facing when it comes to marketing your implant services. We’d love to set aside 30 minutes to chat with you.

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