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The State of Dental Implant Marketing in 2024

What’s working now, what isn’t, and how to chart a course for your most profitable year ever.

November 2023
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Welcome to ‘The State of Dental Implant Marketing in 2024.’ Fasten your seatbelts, we are going to embark on a journey of actionable strategies that will open your mind, spark your creativity, and above all, help you make 2024 your most profitable year yet.

Global dental implant market set to grow $6.81 billion

We’ve witnessed a surge in demand for implant dentistry, with patients increasingly recognizing the long-term benefits. However, this has also given rise to an intensely competitive landscape.

As you’re likely aware, the demand for dental implants is soaring, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. According to forecasts, the global Dental Implants Market is set to reach a whopping USD 6.81 billion by 2024. Yowza!

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! However, there’s a twist. With the increase in demand for implant procedures comes a surge in competition amongst implant centers. When combined with challenging economic factors, many centers find themselves navigating uncertain waters and seeking innovative marketing solutions to attract and sell implant cases predictably in this dynamic landscape.

So how can your practice capture a piece of the growth?!

As marketing costs escalate and reduce previously healthy profit margins, implant centers are feeling helpless. Meanwhile, marketing companies continue to employ outdated strategies and refuse to acknowledge that what used to work, no longer works.

A fresh marketing strategy is essential. Implant centers must adopt smarter, more strategic marketing approaches before it’s too late.

One that will help you not just survive, but thrive in this competitive environment. This will attract high-quality leads and establish lasting patient connections and referrals.

What is effective right now?

Becoming the go-to implant provider in your area.

Key #1: Throw out generic advertising

In the realm of implant marketing, one fundamental truth has become abundantly clear: generic, soulless marketing no longer suffices. Selling treatment isn’t merely about attracting patients to a service; it’s about building a connection with the practice.

This connection starts at the ad level first.

  1. Why should a patient choose YOU and not the implant center up the street?
  2. Why should they choose you NOW?

Hint: Is it your superior workflow, faster timelines, higher quality, unique methodologies or process, focus on patient comfort?

Emotionally driven content for the win!

“People buy on emotion and justify on logic.” – Zig Zigler

Pull the curtain back and lead with emotion. Patients will spend $50,000 with the healthcare professional they feel the most connected to.

Doctor Featured Videos

These help a patient establish a connection to their provider early on. Don’t get too clinical, demonstrate compassion, and tackle common objections and fears!

Patient Testimonials

When done right, this is the most powerful implant marketing tool you have.

The key is to pull out the emotion. It’s not about asking questions, it’s about asking the right questions.


A fast, affordable, and great way to capture the emotion of the transformation. Hand them a mirror, grab your cell phone, and celebrate!

Consultation Walkthrough

Show patients what they can expect at the consultation, ease their minds, and get them excited! This is a great way to introduce your treatment coordinator, show off your equipment, and ease their first-appointment jitters.

Technology Spotlight

Have a workflow you’re proud of? Don’t want to compete on price? Walking patients through your workflow can help them understand the benefits of paying more for the right care.


Have some doctor videos? Some great testimonials? Before the consultation, send out a video playlist with all of the above to get them excited, address objections, and build trust.

Key #2: More leads isn’t always better

orthodontic marketing ideas for orthodontists delmain
Implant marketing is no longer a numbers game. Elevating the quality of patient leads makes for a much happier staff, and maximizes efficiency and overall return.

Here are the key elements that underline this crucial shift:

  1. Elevate content and messaging: Higher quality content attracts higher quality prospects and filters out those with unrealistic expectations.
  2. AI application processing: Use an AI system to identify high-quality applications, ensuring they receive prompt attention and prioritization.
  3. Sophisticated targeting: Do an export of the zip codes where your past implant customers reside. You might be surprised to find how many quality leads are willing to travel for the right practitioner!
  4. Data-driven decision-making: Opt for data-driven decision-making by monitoring lead quality through metrics like the “lead quality score” and “cost per quality lead” instead of relying solely on generic “cost-per-lead.”

Key #3: Don’t give up on leads

Nurturing leads is a crucial aspect of implant marketing success. To excel in this area, consider implementing the following strategies:

Rapid response: Aim to contact high-quality leads within 5 minutes or less of their inquiry. Quick response times demonstrate your commitment and increase the chances of converting a lead into a patient by 80%.

Persistent follow-up: Never give up on leads. Establish a structured system for consistent follow-up using text, email, and phone. Persistence often pays off, with leads converting months or even years later.

Automated AI conversations: Integrate AI-powered chatbots or automated messaging systems that engage potential patients even outside regular working hours.

Ads →
Call →
Text →
Email →

Key #4: Pre-sell your consultations

orthodontic marketing ideas for orthodontists delmain

A well-executed qualification call will boost your show-up rate and maximize your ROI.

A critical juncture in the patient journey is the qualification call, which occurs after a potential patient expresses interest in implants, but before they are granted a consultation.

This call is often mishandled by agencies that rely on outsourced call centers that may lack familiarity with the practice or the procedure.

Or, the agency dumps leads on the doorstep of the practice, expecting the treatment coordinator to become a glorified telemarketer — resulting in slow follow-up and wasted ad spend.

The quality and speed of this conversation matter a lot.

Build Rapport →
Qualify →
Pre-Sell →

Make sure to collect card details to filter out tire kickers! This not only encourages commitment but also reinforces the value of their appointment.

Want to boost your show-up rate to 80% or higher? Want more ready-to-buy-prospects scheduled directly into books? The Implant Engine Treatment Setters will call, qualify, and schedule your leads → Book a Demo Today

Key #5: Data doesn’t matter, the RIGHT data matters

Marketing teams need to stop reporting on meaningless data! When it comes to implant marketing, ad account metrics are only a small part of what matters. Try tracking these metrics to determine if your marketing is a success or a failure.

Cost Per Quality App
Lead Quality Score
Speed to Lead
Connection Rate
Qualification Call Conversion Rate
Cost Per Qualified Confirmed Appointment
No-show Rate
Cost Per Arch Sold
Higher than $50
Fewer than 40%
5 mins or less
20% or greater
90% or greater
Higher than 20%
$3,000 or less (no more than 10% of your production value)
Higher than $50? Copy or creative issues.
Fewer than 40% high-quality leads? Copy, creative, or targeting issues.
5 mins or more? Speed to lead issue.
Less than 20%? Speed or tech issue.
Less than 90%? Poorly handled calls.
Depending on the platform.
Higher than 20%? Process issue.
Higher than 10%? Marketing and Sales issue.

While I might be simplifying things a bit, the core message stands: if you don’t have the right data points in place, you will be running around like a headless chicken. Data brings clarity, and clarity is power.

Implant centers, ready to make 2024 your most profitable year yet?

The Implant Engine is accepting new partners. Book a consultation to see if you qualify.

What is The Implant Engine and why should you care?

The Implant Engine is founded by Dan Delmain and backed by :Delmain, but operates independently as a team of dental implant strategists, creatives, and account managers.

The Implant Engine’s unique turn-key system ensures that your practice receives highly qualified implant cases like clockwork, without anyone on your staff having to chase down leads or deal with an abundance of no-shows.

Hear what The Implant Engine clients have to say

Check out these case studies

Ad spend: $49,000
Consults: 172
Revenue: $433,750
ROI: 785.20%

Ad spend: $178,773.62
Consults: 488
Revenue: $950,850
ROI: 431.87%

Ad spend: $59,592.40
Consults: 251
Revenue: $595,100
ROI: 898.62%

Directly from their mouths

“We wanted to celebrate you guys, we had our best day yesterday for revenue closed in company history. Thanks for everything you guys are doing.”REVA Implant Center

“The approach of the implant engine and the methodology is on another level, they quickly understood what made us different and captured that.”Radiance Dentistry

“They were able to deliver results right out of the gates and as time goes by things get better and better.”Lighthouse Dental

“We’re about to build a surgical suite because you are keeping us so busy.”Salem Dental

“The implant engine is very strategic, there’s open communication and a willingness to do what it takes to make sure we are successful. The feeling that we are a partner, and not that we are just a customer.”Radiance Dentistry

Implant centers, ready to make 2024 your most profitable year yet?

The Implant Engine is accepting new partners. Book a consultation to see if you qualify.

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