Best Online Patient Forms for Dentists — Top Platforms of 2021!

Jun 2021
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There’s a lot that goes into managing your dental practice and creating a smooth and positive experience for patients. One small and simple change that will make an incredible difference? 

Providing patients with the ability to complete forms online before their appointment.

What are online dental patient forms?

Paperless forms allow your patients to sign and complete their intake forms and medical history all from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or phone — either in your office or at home before their appointment. Online dental form responses sync directly to your practice management software. It’s a great way to start modernizing your practice!

The argument for digital dental forms

What to look for in a digital patient forms platform?

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Top 5 paperless dental form platforms

enlive online dental forms with delmain

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Invest in a better patient experience (& more successful practice)