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Best Online Patient Forms for Dentists — Top Platforms of 2021!

June 2021
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There’s a lot that goes into managing your dental practice and creating a smooth and positive experience for patients. One small and simple change that will make an incredible difference?

Providing patients with the ability to complete forms online before their appointment.

What are online dental patient forms?

Paperless forms allow your patients to sign and complete their intake forms and medical history all from the convenience of a computer, tablet, or phone — either in your office or at home before their appointment. Online dental form responses sync directly to your practice management software. It’s a great way to start modernizing your practice!

The argument for digital dental forms

The #1 reason why every dentist needs online patient forms is patient satisfaction.

You’ve spent a lot of time carefully investing in a winning marketing strategy and your schedule is fully booked with the right new patients. Don’t throw away all this hard work with an outdated, clunky, and time-consuming new patient process.

What’s at risk? Limiting the lifetime value of that patient when they leave your practice for a dentist offering a more modern, streamlined experience.

There are many more valuable reasons to make the switch to paperless patient forms:

  • Faster check-in, eliminating tedious data entry!
  • Eco-friendly and saves the overhead cost of printing and scanning
  • Allows you to quickly and easily make edits to patient files
  • Save time and space previously used for paper filing
  • HIPAA compliant
  • No more interpreting poor handwriting or chasing down patients for missing information
  • A first step toward modernizing your office

What to look for in a digital patient forms platform?

Not all paperless form systems will fit the needs of your practice. Here’s your checklist of must-have features:

  1. Dental industry focused
  2. HIPAA compliant and secure
  3. Integrates with your practice management software
  4. Easily customizable to your practice needs
  5. Great customer support for quick troubleshooting

Of course, whenever choosing to partner with a 3rd party provider, we always recommend reading reviews from other users or getting a referral from someone you trust.

Top 5 paperless dental form platforms

1. Enlive

★ :Delmain’s top pick ★

Enlive is the preferred paperless forms platform for many of our dental partners and it may be yours, too! One of the reasons our partners like this platform is because it’s incredibly simple — for both staff and patients.

Enlive is not a whole new system your team has to learn or fit into your process. Enlive offers complete integration with your practice management software and is very user friendly. All your patient data syncs right into your practice management software.

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Interested in Enlive? We offer our :Delmain partners a discount on this paperless platform. Contact us to learn more.

2. Curve Dental

Curve Dental prides itself on offering a new and better way of gathering patient information. This user-friendly platform offers many key benefits to dentists:

  • Easily create and customize your forms
  • Digital signatures so patients can sign on any device
  • HIPAA compliance
  • A clean, easy-to-use interface

One additional and very convenient benefit is that if a patient provides information that is different from what you already have on file, this platform will alert your team. You’ll be able to quickly verify the information and ensure you have the right details on file.

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3. Dental Symphony

Dental Symphony offers clinically advanced online registration capabilities. This company is focused on providing a sophisticated solution for dentists that fits right into their current workflow while providing the option for default or custom forms.

Dental Symphony goes a step further and also offers patient presentation features to help you communicate better with your patients. With this presentation feature, you can create, customize, and tailor a variety of patient communication — including exam findings or teledentistry reports.

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4. PatientStudio

PatientStudio is a complete practice management software that also offers individual products, such as online forms.

Patient Studio online patient intake forms are highly customizable and secure. From consent documents to medical history — this platform allows you to customize each form to your practice’s needs.

PatientStudio also includes functionality that allows patients to upload all necessary documents such as picture identification and insurance cards through a completely secure and HIPAA compliant system.

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5. Yapi

This practice efficiency software offers a variety of automated features, but their True Paperless product is a dentist-favorite platform. Yapi offers all the expected online dental form features. It also gives you the ability to present treatment plans to patients chair-side (or anywhere in the office) from an iPad and get their signature.

Yapi also allows you to take and store patient photos with their Snap and Tap feature. Once a document is signed or a photo is taken, it’s stored immediately in your practice management software in the patient’s folder.

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Invest in a better patient experience (& more successful practice)

Moving to a paperless dental forms system is an easy and effective way to improve patient satisfaction, modernize your approach, and grow the success of your practice. But getting patients through the door is the first step.

We understand that growing a practice is hard. There isn’t enough time in a day for you to do everything and manage everyone. You need a marketing partner who can take the reins so you don’t have to.

At :Delmain, we’ve taken the marketing lead on over 100 dental practices, helping them reach their full potential by getting more of the right patients.

We’d love to set aside 30-minutes to chat with you. Let’s talk!

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