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Web Chat for Dentists: Reviewing the Top Options

August 2021
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When we speak to dentists across the country, one thing remains clear: patients expect a modern dental experience.

What does this mean exactly?

  • Building a dental website that wows visually.
  • Investing in dental technology and treatments your patients love and need.
  • A front office staff that’s well trained and efficiently following up with appointment and contact requests.
  • Following up with patients through a reputation marketing software to build a foundation of patient reviews.
  • So how does this impact you? If potential patients go to your website and don’t see features that other practices in your area have, they might start looking for another dentist before they even scroll down your website.

There are many modern conveniences that patients love (texting, online scheduling, and paperless forms among them), and another is beginning to emerge: web chat for dentists.

What is a web chat for dentists?

what is web chat for dentists delmain

If you’ve ever been online shopping, you’re likely familiar with the little web chat box, usually in the bottom right corner of the website. This chat box usually offers you the option to speak to customer service and get immediate answers or assistance.

Web chat for dentists works the same way. Web chat platforms provide an opportunity for patients visiting your website to ask and have their questions answered by your practice or someone representing your practice.

Patients can get information or take actions on any number of items, including:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Financial information, including insurance
  • Whether a practice offers a particular treatment
  • New patient specials
  • Office policies 

Think of it as having a helpful receptionist living right inside your website. If your patient has a question, it will be just like if they had a question while standing at the front desk in your practice.

Why should YOU be taking advantage of this technology?

technology web chat for dentists delmain

We are living in a time of rapid change of communication between practice and patient. Whether it’s paperless patient forms, texting, or online booking, the ways in which your patients interact with your office are different than they were just a decade ago.

This is a good thing! Almost every single one of these changes is positive for both you and your patients. They make going to the dentist, and learning about your practice, easier than ever. 

So why should you be taking advantage of web chat for dentists?

Questions answered quickly

Instead of calling or emailing, potential patients can receive answers to their questions immediately. Instantaneous answers and the reduced friction of having to talk to someone are a huge benefit to potential patients. 

And since it takes less time to schedule appointments and have their questions answered, patients will be happier with your practice.

More convenient

convenient web chat for dentists delmain

Just like you, your patients’ lives have never been busier. Offering an alternative contact option such as web chat provides more roads for them to connect with you on their level.

Patients see lots of value in convenience, and having the opportunity to have their questions answered in real time without having to get on the phone will make them more likely to book an appointment.

Multi-tasking opportunities

Most reception teams have a lot going on. At any moment they could be checking in patients, answering phone calls, or filing insurance claims. With web chat for dentists, answering patient questions has never been easier. Your reception team can now answer questions as they come in without having to pick up as many phone calls. 

:Delmain’s top 3 web chat options

top options web chat for dentists delmain

Here at :Delmain, we’ve seen how technological improvements can be extremely impactful to the continued success of dental practices. There is just so much technology designed around improving the dental office experience. It’s fabulous! 

But there are many options out there. Which ones actually work for dental practices? Below, we’ve highlighted the top 3 web chat for dentist options. We have experience with these platforms and can vouch for their ability to transform how your reception team interacts with your patients.

Questions on how to integrate web chat technology into your practice? Whether you’re a current partner or are looking for help bringing your practice to the next level, reach out!

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger web chat for dentists delmain

The simplest of our 3 recommended options, Facebook Messenger is great for practices looking to dip their toes into the web chat game. You may know Facebook Messenger as the instant messaging feature on your personal Facebook account. It’s also a powerful tool for connecting with potential patients.

All you need to run Facebook Messenger on your site is a Facebook page for your business (something we do for :Delmain partners). From there, Facebook makes it easy to install the web chat widget on your site. We can even change the colors, greetings, and look of the web chat icon on your website.

While it’s completely free to add the Facebook customer chat widget, it does require the most of your team as they will have to answer the questions themselves. Your team will answer questions and respond to messages right in your practice’s Facebook account, making it simple and straightforward for anyone who is familiar with using Facebook.

Learn more about Facebook Chat Plugin


tidio web chat for dentists delmain

The free option of Tidio works much like Facebook Messenger, though you will respond to potential patients through the Tidio web interface or app. Much like Facebook, you can adjust how the Live Chat icon looks on your website to conform with your practice’s brand. It’s a great, simple option that still requires work on your team’s end.

Where Tidio stands apart from Facebook Messenger is through their paid options, most notably through their chatbot. With the chatbot, you can pre-answer common questions without your reception team having to answer them. Tidio claims that their chatbot answers 80% of frequently asked questions. This allows you to answer potential patient questions even while you and your team are asleep!

The most impressive part of their system is that it can recognize keywords, meaning questions don’t have to be asked perfectly in order for them to be answered. If the chatbot cannot answer the question, your team can respond instead. 

Learn more about Tidio


simplifeye web chat for dentists delmain

The most advanced of the 3 options that we recommend is Simplifeye. What makes it so powerful? Trained chat agents working to answer questions on your behalf 24/7. 

While chatbots are a great option (and are offered at a much lower cost), this is the ultimate way to connect and answer your patients’ questions. Website visitors can simply ask whatever question they have, and the 24/7 chat agents will answer. This lessens the work your reception team has to do, freeing them up for other work and lessening your need to expand your team.

In addition to 24/7 web chat, Simplifeye is fully HIPAA-compliant and also includes:

  • telehealth platform called Simplifeye Connect, which allows you to video conference with patients 
  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Payment software
  • Practice management system integrations

With plans starting at $350 a month, Simplifeye is an investment. However, it can fundamentally change how you manage your front office staff and interact with patients.

Learn more about Simplifeye

Ready to start reelin’ in the new patient opportunities?

At :Delmain, we help our partners put their practice in the best position to succeed. Whether it’s through technology options such as web chat for dentists, or modern dental websites built for speed and conversions, we’re here to help you start booking more of the right patients. 

We’d love to set aside 30-minutes to chat with you. Let’s talk!

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