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Why & How We Track Results

November 2018
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Learn how a results-driven approach keeps us accountable to clients.

“Just trust us.”

If you’re tired of hearing this answer to every question you ask your online marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place. At :Delmain, tracking, understanding, and reporting data are critical to everything we do.

Let’s take a look at the metrics we track, the results we look for, and how it benefits the businesses we work with.

Can we measure that?

If you don’t collect and analyze the results of your digital marketing efforts, you:

  • Can’t understand what’s working and what isn’t
  • Won’t know the return on your investment in time, money, and effort

As online marketers, we can’t do our job without tracking results. Measuring and presenting these results is how we hold ourselves accountable to clients and show our partnership’s positive effect on their business. That’s why when outlining a digital marketing strategy for your business, our first question is always, “can we measure that?”

We’re motivated by real results and are proud to get them for our clients.

Learn how we helped Timberhill Dental achieve:

  • 76% increase in organic traffic
  • 80 new patient calls/month
  • 2X increase in recurring revenue

So what exactly are we tracking?

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals. Then, we determine the trackable data most closely linked to those objectives. Based on our suggested online marketing strategy, there are 6 common metrics we typically measure.

1. Conversions

Some marketing agencies use metrics like “time on site” or “number of pages visited” as a conversion metric. This can lead to a false perception of how well your site is actually generating leads.

What is a conversion?

The desired action you want a potential client, customer, or patient to take. For instance, contacting your business, making a purchase, or scheduling an appointment.

At :Delmain, we emphasize conversions that can be directly connected to new business.

2. Website traffic

Delivering website traffic is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the analysis that helps us know who’s visiting your website, where they’re coming from, and what pages they’re visiting within your site. A few specific metrics we look at are…


  • Volume: How many visitors are coming to the site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? What’s the year-over-year volume comparison?
  • Quality: How long are people staying on your site? How many pages are they visiting?
  • Source: Where are these visitors coming from? For instance, Google, social media, or direct traffic?

3. Keyword rankings

Two essential elements of a successful SEO strategy are:

  1.  Picking the right keywords to rank for
  2. Tracking what position/page your site ranks when searching those keywords

Not only do we track where you’re ranking right now, but how that ranking changes over time.

4. Reviews

Glowing compliments from patients or clients not only feel good, they’re also incredibly important for SEO – especially when it comes to local search rankings.

5. Social media interaction

Tracking key data points help determine whether or not paid social media tactics are successful:

  • Photo views/video plays
  • Clicks to website
  • Engagement (likes, comments, shares)

6. Newsletter results

A few email marketing campaign metrics we keep an eye on include:

  • Open rates – The percentage of total contacts who open your email (as opposed to deleting or ignoring it)
  • Clicks on links – The number of people who click through from the email to your website
  • Unsubscribes and spam complaints – These metrics can help you understand how to more closely align your content to the needs of your audience

A peek in our toolbox: how we track results

Google Analytics

The industry standard for measuring digital data, Google Analytics is how we track your website performance, including website traffic, conversions, and ad performance.


CallRail is a dynamic call tracking program that allows us to connect the dots between a phone call and an adwords campaign or Google search.


BrightLocal focuses on local SEO reporting. We use this tool to help track keyword rankings, monitor online reviews, and more.

Of course, it’s not enough to simply track this data. You also need to put it all together, interpreting what it means and adjusting your strategy as necessary.

Form Submissions

Lawyers, home contractors, and other businesses where an initial free or low-cost consultation is common

Phone Calls

Dentists, salons, and other businesses where a person is likely to call and schedule an appointment

Driving Directions

Retail stores and other small businesses where customers will likely visit without calling ahead

Let’s put your website to work

At :Delmain, we take a results-driven approach to SEO and our client partnerships. Our methodology is based on a combination of industry best practices, meticulous attention to detail, and proven techniques. But you won’t be left in the dark. We always make sure our clients understand what we’re doing and why.

Whether you want to dive into the nitty gritty, or prefer a simple explanation, we make it easy to understand the results and what it means when it comes to reaching your goals and objectives.

What our clients have to say…

“Dan and his team are simply the best! I’ve had the opportunity to partner with his agency, and their knowledge and mastery of digital marketing and analytics is really, really good. They are also quite good at explaining concepts, teaching process, answering questions in this ever changing paradigm of marketing.” – Jim Beriault

“I highly recommend :Delmain. It’s not often that you work with contractors that are as invested as they are in growing your business. They also do a spectacular job of translating highly technical subjects into understandable and actionable insights for their customers.” – Caleb Knezevich
“These guys are awesome! Coming from someone who had worked with several SEO companies prior it is an absolute breath of fresh air to have :Delmain. They make this subject very easy to understand when previously it was like black magic when I spoke with the other companies. They present things in a very concise and effective manner and most of all they get results. They have great ideas and are constantly coming up with new ideas to service us better. The results speak for themselves.” – David Supple

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