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Naming Your Dental Practice: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dental Name (With Examples!)

January 2024
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Your dental name is more than just a label — it’s the first step in building your brand and setting the tone for the patient experience.

As a dentist or dental practice owner on the brink of launching a new practice or rebranding an existing one, the pressure to pick the perfect name can feel daunting. Your practice name is pivotal in making a memorable first impression, resonating with your target audience, and reflecting the unique identity of your practice.

How your practice name can influence Google rankings

  • Local SEO Boost: Including your city or locality in your practice name enhances your visibility in local search queries.
  • Keyword Relevance: A practice name with relevant keywords can boost your search engine rankings for those terms.
  • Brand Consistency: A distinctive and memorable practice name fosters brand recognition, signaling authority to Google and positively influencing search rankings.
  • Visibility & Recognition: Be cautious of names that are too long. Long names can be truncated in search results, potentially losing the impact of your full name. They can also lead to unwieldy website URLs, which are harder for patients to remember and type.

5 tips on how to name your dental practice

1. Highlight your unique services and values

Let your practice name be a true reflection of what you offer or who you are. For example, if you’re all about creating a kid-friendly atmosphere, choose a name that sounds welcoming and fun. Or, if you’re the go-to for the latest dental tech, pick a name that sounds modern and innovative. Your name should give a hint of the unique value you offer.

2. Ensure the dental name is easy to pronounce and remember

A name that rolls off the tongue and sticks in the memory is a name that’s likely to be shared. Steer clear of overly complex or lengthy names. The simpler and more relatable the name, the easier it is for your patients to recommend you to others.

3. Consider the branding perspective

Your practice’s name is the cornerstone of your branding. It should align with the logo, website, and the overall aesthetic of your practice. A consistent and professional brand image begins with a name that resonates with your future or existing marketing materials and office decor.

4. Future-proof the name

Select a practice name that not only resonates today but will also remain relevant and adaptable for years to come. Avoid fleeting trends that may feel dated down the line. Instead, choose a timeless name that aligns with the enduring quality of your care. Additionally, consider your long-term goals and potential expansions. A versatile name that can encompass future services or locations ensures your brand can grow without outgrowing its name.

5. Make sure you like it

Your dental name should resonate with you personally, not just professionally. A name you’re proud of will naturally inspire confidence in your team and attract patients. Make sure it’s a name that excites you, as your enthusiasm will set the tone for your entire practice.

Get inspired! Some of our favorite dental names

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These dental practices knew exactly what they were doing when they chose their name!

  • Brighter Dental: This name is positive and directly implies that patients will have a brighter smile after visiting. It’s easy to remember and clearly associated with dental services.
  • Bespoke Dental Studios: ‘Bespoke’ suggests tailor-made, high-quality services. It implies that each patient will receive personalized care, which can be highly appealing.
  • Sweet Tooth Pediatric & General Dentistry: This name is playful and directly targets the practice’s audience. It’s particularly good for a clinic specializing in children’s dentistry, as it’s friendly and disarming.
  • Science of Smiles: This name suggests a research-driven, knowledgeable approach to dentistry. It’s academic yet approachable, and it emphasizes the practice’s commitment to understanding the fundamentals of good dental care.
  • Piedmont Pediatric Dentistry: This name is geographically specific, which can be great for local SEO. It also clearly defines its target demographic (pediatric), making it easier for the relevant audience to find the practice.
  • Excel Dental: This name implies superiority in service and care. ‘Excel’ is a powerful word that conveys a commitment to excellence in dental services.
  • Moore Dentistry: This practice name is particularly effective due to its dual significance. The name personalizes the practice by incorporating the dentist’s name. It also cleverly hints at a promise of ‘more’—suggesting a higher level of care, a more comprehensive range of services, or an enhanced dental experience.

Consult with the professionals! We name dental practices

orthodontic marketing ideas for orthodontists delmain

:Delmain specializes in dental branding for startups, acquisitions, established practices, and growing DSOs — including helping you come up with the perfect dental name.

We’ll develop a name that fits your goals and supports your new brand guide. Plus, we’ll take care of all the important legwork — including state, trademark, and Google vetting.

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