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10 Dental Video Marketing Ideas for Dentists (with Examples!)

The ultimate guide to creating dental videos that attract more of the right patients

October 2022
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Wondering whether you should create a dental video marketing strategy for your practice? Are enough patients interested in videos? Is it worth the time and investment?

Yes! Dentists that use dental video marketing will attract and retain more patients while outshining their competition.

Why invest in dental videos for your practice?

Strengthens your brand experience

94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their brand and services.

Drives website traffic

86% of marketers say that videos increased traffic to their website.

Improves patient education

72% of people would rather learn about a service with a video than by reading about it.

Complements your social strategy

73% of consumers say they are influenced by brands that use video on social media.

10 dental video marketing ideas to try today (with examples!)

1. Testimonial videos

Video testimonials are an incredible way to catch the attention of patients who visit your website. Video reviews can be created on any budget. Produce a professional video with a videographer, shoot the testimonial yourself, or ask your patients to record a video on their phones.

Here’s a great example of a simple but effective dental testimonial video.


Grab our easy guide for creating high-quality dental patient testimonial videos.

2. About the practice

An about video should share more about your practice story. This type of video often describes the philosophy behind your brand and what sets you apart from other practices. Many dentists will use this video to not only get patients excited about their visit, but can also be used as a great recruitment tool for future team members.

Hildreth Dental shows how it’s done below.

3. Homepage banner video

A banner video is a short, looping video that plays at the top of your homepage. It’s the first thing someone sees when visiting your website and immediately gives the visitor an idea of who you are.

These videos shouldn’t have any sound and should be focused on providing a welcoming, engaging overview of your brand. Ensure your banner video meets these specifications for the best results:

  • 15-20 seconds max
  • 1080p HD 16:9 aspect ratio (think a movie-screen shape)
  • Fade to black at the end of the video

Visit Miss-Lou Family Dentistry for an excellent example.

4. Meet the doctor or team

Help patients get to know you! While someone might not be interested in reading through a long bio, a quick video introduction is hard to ignore. It’s a great way to help patients feel much more comfortable and confident in choosing you as their provider.

Get inspired for your own “meet the doctor” video with this one from Flax Dental.

5. Patient specials

Do you offer special promotions or patient benefits? For example, a new patient discount, free teeth whitening, a warranty or guarantee, or complimentary consultation? A video explaining this benefit is a great way to get the word out. We often recommend this type of video to run alongside a paid advertising campaign.

Here’s an example of a warranty video from Village Dental.

6. Technology & treatment videos

Dental treatments and technology may not be as exciting to your patients as they are to you. But they’re still an important way to differentiate your practice from others. Videos about your technology or a specific treatment are an excellent way to explain the benefits in simple terms and build confidence with patients.

This video about the Solea Laser from Jackson Family Dental is a perfect example.

7. Before and after videos/capturing a patient reaction

There’s nothing quite as compelling as seeing people’s lives change for the better thanks to dental care. Before and after videos can help capture this feeling and show potential patients what’s possible for their own smiles.

We love this casually shot but powerful reaction video from Cedar Village Dentistry!

8. Behind-the-scenes videos

Giving your new patients a better idea of what it will be like to work together is an easy way to remove some of the stress that many people feel about going to the dentist. Sometimes all it takes is knowing exactly what to expect to help someone feel at ease and choose you as their dentist.

This fun peek into the practice from Dr. Brock Pumphrey is a good example. As you’ll see, this video was shot vertically and is meant to be shared on social media.

9. Answers to frequently asked questions

Written content, like treatment pages and blog posts, is a great way to educate and inform patients. Take it a step further with a video explanation! Not only does hearing from you or another team member build trust in the care you provide, some people learn and understand better through video versus reading on a page.

Check out this example of a video answering the question “what is a root canal?” from Dr. Megan King.

10. Social campaign video

Videos are replacing text and images as the best type of content for social media. We highly recommend creating fun, engaging videos made exclusively for Facebook and Instagram to capitalize on this trend. Social videos should be short, creative, and focused on a specific goal. Social videos are an excellent strategy whether you want to enhance your organic (non-paid) presence or as part of a paid advertising campaign.

Here’s a really fun example of this type of video from Atlanta Center for Advanced Periodontics.

Best practices for creating dental marketing videos

Understand the purpose of your video

In broad terms, dental video marketing can help dentists drive more traffic toward their practice and convert more website visitors into patients by…

  • Educating patients about dental procedures, new technology, or treatments available through your office
  • Entertaining potential patients by telling an interesting story about how one of these services changed someone’s life for the better
  • Inspiring visitors with positive testimonials from current patients whose lives have been improved through their dental care

Before you create a video, think about what category the video falls under. It will help keep you focused on the end goal and ensure a better result. You should also keep in mind where the video will be used to ensure you’re filming and editing the film correctly. For example, banner videos for your website have different specifications than a video created for a Facebook Ads campaign.

Speak directly to your target audience

Make sure your videos fit your practice’s personality. This will help your practice seem more human, making it more approachable. You should also match the tone of the video to the type of video. For example, testimonial videos will be a bit more professional, while a video for a social media campaign will likely be more fun, quick, and casual.

Include a call-to-action (CTA)

Use a clear call-to-action that is relevant to the content of your video. Once someone has seen what your practice can offer, tell them what action they need to take next.

For an informative video, your CTA might be “contact us today!” or “give us a call at [insert phone number]. You could also include a link to your website where they can set up an initial consultation.

How to use dental videos to attract new patients

Optimize your videos

Work with your marketing team to carefully optimize your videos. Best practices for video SEO are constantly evolving, but some standard rules include:


  • Choose your video hosting platform carefully. Vimeo and YouTube are the most common
  • Create a keyword-optimized video title and description
  • Choose a compelling video thumbnail
  • Add a video transcript for additional keyword optimization and improved accessibility
  • Bonus: When embedding video to your website, keep in mind that ​​Google typically indexes only one video per page. If you’re including multiple videos on a page, ensure that your most compelling video is first.

Integrate video into your organic marketing strategy

Relying on search bots to rank your videos won’t guarantee eyes on your videos. So make sure you’re strategically using these videos to support your other marketing efforts.

For example, designing a new dental website that includes videos will enhance your brand and create a better user experience. These videos may or may not be what helps people discover your practice, but they can be what convinces them to book an appointment.

So don’t just upload your videos to Vimeo or YouTub and hope for the best. Make sure you utilize your videos in as many areas of your marketing plan as possible — including your website, social media, and email marketing.

Use videos in your paid campaigns

If your practice is interested in booking more of the right patients, don’t hold back on a paid advertising strategy. We highly recommend running Google Ads. Instagram and Facebook Ads can also be a smart investment for many practices.

Video is a compelling addition to your paid advertising campaigns. On social media, studies show that video is king ands a great way to drive better ROI. For Google Ads, video assets are required if you want to take advantage of their newest campaign type, Performance Max.

Basically, if you’re going to invest in paid advertising, consider videos. If you’re going to invest in videos, consider paid advertising.

Book more patients with a dental video marketing strategy

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