10 Memorable & Catchy Dental Slogans & Taglines

You never get a second chance at a first impression. 

When a potential patient visits your website, it’s crucial to communicate what makes your practice special right away. While there are lots of ways to do this, including an engaging logo, original photography, and modern web design, how you describe your practice in your own words makes a big impact.

When we build a dental website or create content on a practice’s behalf, one of the ways we quickly communicate what makes them unique is through an effective dental tagline or slogan.

First things first, does your website pass the 5-second test?

At Delmain, we have a test for every client website. 

Can a reader get all the information they need within 5 seconds of viewing the page? No scrolling allowed.

The 5-second test is mostly a test of the effectiveness of the design and copy on the top part of your homepage, the “above the fold” area. While design is a big part of this equation, the words you communicate to visitors is crucial to their understanding of your practice.

Some of the words above the fold will be centered around your business name, practice location, and keyword-focused copy. Your tagline is where you can develop your brand and communicate your value.

Cedar Village Dentistry in Mason, Ohio uses a tagline to convey their approach to dentistry.

Dental website slogans

Dental slogans and taglines are sentence-long (or shorter) pieces of copy that sit above the fold to give a reader a sense of your practice’s personality.

55% of website visitors spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website before leaving. This makes the tagline, along with the rest of the content “above the fold,” crucial for clearly communicating why patients should choose your practice.

Beyond the design of your website, your slogan or tagline will be many potential patients’ first impression of your practice. Make it last.

4 tips for writing a creative dental tagline or slogan

There is no magic formula when it comes to creative dental slogans that work and it can be overwhelming to try to sum up your practice in a few words. 

Our content writers and strategists have offered some helpful tips for creating dental slogans that make an impact. When brainstorming ideas for catchy dental phrases to use, keep these in mind.

The simpler the better 

An effective slogan needs to be easily digestible and immediately understandable. If you use words that are jargony or inaccessible to any portion of your audience, it can turn them away and make them feel isolated. 

Additionally, it’s easy to say too much. Dental taglines and slogans should be short and sweet, and never longer than 10 words at the most.

Paul Cole

Paul Cole

“Keep your dental slogan simple! The best taglines are short, memorable, and communicate exactly who you are. Your message should be crystal clear to anyone who reads it. No dental jargon allowed!”

Speak to your value proposition and what makes you different

Taglines and slogans give readers a peek inside your practice’s culture, service offerings, and personality. This is your opportunity to show potential patients why they should schedule an appointment with you.

Think about what your answer would be if someone asked you to describe your practice in 1 sentence. What would you say? Try to communicate that information in your slogan.

You only get so many words in your tagline. Make them count!

Shauna Simons

Shauna Simons

“Write down all the words that describe your practice. Next, make a list of your strengths and the value you offer to patients. Now start putting these words together into phrases and see where inspiration strikes!”

Display your personality

Don’t just use this space to list keywords that you think describe your practice. Show off your personality and have a little bit of fun. Try to speak from your practice’s voice and be welcoming.

Paul Ostrow

Paul Ostrow

“While highlighting your value proposition is crucial when writing a dental slogan, displaying a flair of your personality is just as important. Give potential patients a taste of what they can expect when they walk into your office and meet you and your team.”

Make sure it fits with the rest of the content on your website

Lastly, make sure your tagline fits the voice of the rest of your website. The content on your site should all be written from the same perspective, use consistent language that speaks to your core values, and never be contradictory.

While a tagline won’t be able to speak to everything at once, think of it as the north star to the rest of the content that lives on your website.

10 of our favorite creative dental taglines

Cedar Village Dentistry

Feel Great About Your Smile And Your Dentist

Designed and Written by Delmain

Green Leaf Dental

Kid-Friendly Pediatric Care | Judgment-Free General Dentistry

Advanced Dentistry

Harvard Trained | Portland Perfected

Designed and Written by Delmain

Bridgetown Dental

A holistic approach to a healthy smile and better night’s sleep

Designed and Written by Delmain

Grand Street Dental 

Dentistry Redesigned

Mark S. Riederer, D.D.S.

Combining preventive care and modern technology to deliver lifelong health and wellness.

Designed and Written by Delmain

Union Dental Center

Home to High-Tech & Compassionate Dentistry

Designed and Written by Delmain

Home Care Dentist 

The Best Trip To The Dentist You’ll Never Make

TLC Escondido Dental

Dentistry done differently

Designed and Written by Delmain

Pickens Family Dentistry 

Smile! You’re in Great Hands

by Delmain

Create a memorable first impression

Make a memorable first impression with your website.

We encourage you to take the 5-second test with your own website right now. Ask yourself if a potential patient could understand what you offer, where you’re located, and what makes you special. If not, it may be a great time to put some work into your website.

Take a look at the 15 Best Dental Websites of 2019 to see how other practices are effectively showcasing their personality. Make sure copy and paste content isn’t hurting your ability to connect with patients. Lastly, learn what patients are looking for in a practice website


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Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.


Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.

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