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From 0 to 100+ new patients per month with :Delmain

MillBridge Dentistry

  • Waxhaw, NC
  • Startup Practice
  • General Dentist
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Averages 100 new patients per month

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Booked out 3+ weeks in advance

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245+ 5-star Google reviews

“Our phone is ringing off the hook.”

Dr. Balasanyan,
MillBridge Dentistry

The Challenge

Establishing a brand new dental practice in the tight-knit community of Waxhaw, North Carolina, was an exciting venture for Dr. Anait Balasanyan.

Throughout construction and business formation, Dr. Balasanyan envisioned a future where MillBridge Dentistry was a trusted neighborhood practice with a loyal patient base.

Understanding the need for a focused marketing strategy that was aligned with her goals and resonated with the Waxhaw community, Dr. Balasanyan turned to :Delmain. She needed a plan that would effectively introduce and integrate MillBridge Dentistry into the local landscape.

Though she aspired for a strong start and steady growth, Dr. Balasanyan says she went into this new business venture thinking, “We’ll open 1-2 days a week and outfit 3 operatories and just see how it goes.”

The Solution

:Delmain’s bespoke dental website and startup marketing strategy for MillBridge Dentistry included:

Modern Dental Website – Designed to represent MillBridge Dentistry’s values and dedication to patient care. This branded and user-friendly site not only informs but also invites potential patients to book their appointments with ease.

Local SEO – Ensured that Waxhaw residents found MillBridge Dentistry at the forefront when searching for dental services.

Original Content – Engaging, original content that both enhanced the SEO strategy and established MillBridge Dentistry as a trusted voice in dental care within the community.

Google Ads Campaigns – Targeted specific local demographics and search trends, driving immediate traffic to MillBridge Dentistry and connecting them with those actively seeking dental services.

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The Result

In their first month, MillBridge Dentistry saw 55 new patients. By the half-year mark, they were consistently welcoming 100 new patients monthly. Today? They’re booked solid months in advance and their phone “never stops ringing.” They’ve become a go-to spot in the community with a perfect 5-star Google rating and hundreds of reviews.

  • ZRapid patient growth
  • ZMore operatories added
  • ZNew associates hired
  • ZConsistent increase in collections

“:Delmain was instrumental in our growth strategy and in setting us up for the success we’re experiencing. I was even able to take time off one month and we still hit our numbers ($103,000 in collections).”

Dr. Anait Balasanyan,
MillBridge Dentistry

Millbridge Dental Portrait Dr Anait Balasanyan

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Starting a new practice and feeling overwhelmed with marketing? Craving a partner that truly grasps the nuances of a dental startup and shares your vision of growth and patient-centric care? MillBridge Dentistry was in your shoes once, navigating the early challenges of a fresh startup.

Make the choice that could set your new practice on a trajectory of unparalleled success.

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