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NexHealth: Online scheduling provider

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What is NexHealth?

Ready to offer online booking to your patients? We’re proud to recommend NexHealth as our preferred partner.

NexHealth is a leading online scheduling provider that supports more than 11 million patients and thousands of dentists. This platform integrates with most major practice management and electronic health record systems. It’s also 100% customizable to your availability, procedure duration, and more.

Many of our dental practice partners are already taking advantage of this opportunity with NexHealth. Find out if it’s right for your practice, too.

Why online booking?


Would seriously consider switching to a dentist if they offered online appointment booking


Prefer to book their appointments outside of your normal business hours

Simply put — today’s patients expect a convenient online booking option. If you want to stay competitive with other dental practices in your area and keep patients coming through your door, we strongly recommend NexHealth.


Benefits of choosing NexHealth

Software integration

Compatible with most major practice management and electronic health record systems, including Dentrix, EagleSoft, OpenDental, and Curve Dental.

Front office efficiency

Less time spent answering the phone means more productive time in the office.

Fully customizable

You specify when your dentists and hygienists are available, set up multiple appointment slot types.

Keeps you up-to-date

New schedule notifications come through by email, your NexHealth dashboard, or desktop notification. You’ll never miss an update.

Avoid no-shows

Your staff will spend less time sending and following up on appointment reminders.

Track key performance metrics

NexHealth supports your marketing efforts, allowing you to track online conversions, appointments booked, messages sent, behavioral data, and much more.


Book appointments on their own time, 24/7


Choose a time that fits their schedule


Just a few clicks needed — no phone call or back-and-forth communication

Eliminates frustration

No waiting on hold, no voicemails, no hassle

Appointment reminder

Patients get reminders via text, email, or phone call


When you sign up for NexHealth through :Delmain, we can offer you a discounted rate on your membership. Our preferred partnership also offers you…

  • Simplified billing and management
  • Access to our own dedicated NexHealth customer success and integrations manager
  • Seamless integration with your website and digital marketing efforts
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Full-SuiteMost Popular!


Retail $700

  • ZOnline Booking
  • ZOnline Forms
  • ZAppointment Reminders
  • ZPatient Messaging
  • ZVirtual Waitlist
  • ZPatient Recall
  • ZOnline Payments
  • ZOnline Reviews
  • ZNo Show & Cancellation Reminders
  • ZEmail and Text Marketing
  • ZPerformance Analytics Dashboard

Online Booking, Online Forms & Online Reviews


Retail $500

Online Booking & Online Reviews


Retail $425

Online Booking


Retail $350

FAQ: NexHealth

Do I really need online booking?

Online booking is becoming one of the most common ways people are making their dentist appointments.

  • 43% book appointments after hours (if you’re not providing after-hours online patient booking, you’re losing thousands of dollars a month)
  • 31% would seriously consider switching to a new dentist if that provider offered online appointment booking (this is your chance to get yet another leg-up on your competition)

If your practice wants to get the most out of your marketing efforts and increase new patient bookings, offering online appointment scheduling is an excellent tool.

What’s included in the NexHealth Full-Suite membership?

The full suite includes all of NexHealth’s online offerings including:

  • Online booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Patient Messaging
  • Online Forms
  • Virtual Waitlist
  • Patient Recall
  • Online Payments
  • Online Reviews / Feedback Requests
  • No Show & Cancellation Reminders
  • Email and Text Marketing
  • Performance Analytics Dashboard

Does NexHealth integrate with my practice management system?

NexHealth integrates with over 35 practice management systems including Dentrix, Eaglesoft, and Open Dental.

I’m a :Delmain partner but already have a NexHealth membership — can I get the :Delmain discount?

Unfortunately not. To enjoy our special partnership pricing, you must sign up through :Delmain and our dedicated customer success and integrations manager.

Is a NexHealth membership billed per practice location?

Yes. Your membership is billed on a per location basis. You’ll need a NexHealth membership for each of your offices.

Can I customize my schedule based on specific services for hygiene and doctor?

Yes, NexHealth offers a 100% customizable scheduling tool. You can set up multiple appointment slot types — for example, new patient exam, existing patient exam, free consultation, broken tooth/crown/filling consultation. Whatever you currently have set up in your PMS, we can make sure it’s set up in NexHealth.

Additionally, you can set parameters for when a patient can book an appointment. For example, if you only do cleanings in the mornings, we’ll only show morning appointment slots. Or, if you specify that every appointment has to be scheduled at least 3 days out from today so that you have time to review your schedules and follow up as needed.

If a patient schedules via NexHealth, how does the office team get notified?

NexHealth integrates with your software every 30 seconds so your schedule is constantly in sync. New schedule notifications can be set to come through email, your NexHealth dashboard, or desktop notification — you’ll never miss an update.

If a patient schedules an appointment, is this locked into the schedule?

Yes. The time slot is reserved and the appointment added directly into your PMS once the patient schedules through NexHealth. You will have the option of approving or canceling the booking from the NexHealth dashboard and the patient will receive an email confirmation. However, the appointment will stay locked into your PMS for you to move or cancel if needed.

How to Get Started

Get in touch with your :Delmain account manager

We’ll walk you through a free demo and answer your questions

Our NexHealth Customer Success Manager will help set up your account and get you started on the right foot