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Tripling New Patients and Booking Out Months in Advance with :Delmain

  • Anchorage, AK
  • Startup Practice
  • General Dentist
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  • Z30%-40% year-over-year growth
  • ZTripling new patient numbers
  • Z6-month waitlist for hygiene appointments

Since working with :Delmain, we’ve had a 30%-40% year-over-year growth, we’ve tripled new patients, and we’re booking out months in advance.

Dr. Adam Jensen

The Challenge

Dr. Jensen of Chugach Dental faced the daunting task of building a dental practice from the ground up. Initially, the choice seemed straightforward compared to purchasing existing offices, but the reality of starting from scratch brought its own set of challenges. The biggest hurdle? A sparse schedule with too many open slots and not enough patients. Dr. Jensen found himself questioning his decision, wondering if he’d be able to meet expenses, pay his staff, or if he should have chosen a more secure path by joining an established practice.

The Solution

:Delmain’s bespoke marketing strategy for Chugach Dental included:

Personalized Content – Crafted to resonate with the honest, welcoming feel of Chugach Dental, ensuring the voice of their practice shone through authentically.

SEO Strategies – Improving online visibility in local searches, ensuring they’re not just found, but chosen.

Google Ads Campaigns – Leveraging compelling ad copy and a carefully mapped-out strategy to attract high-quality new patients.

Meta Ads Campaigns – Featuring tailored visuals and copy, ensuring relevant and engaging content to build brand awareness in the community.

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Google Ads

The Result

Since partnering with :Delmain, Chugach Dental has seen extraordinary growth, tripling new patient numbers and booking out months in advance. Dr. Jensen is no longer worried about the future — he’s enjoying life as a dental practice owner without stress where he can focus on providing excellent care to the community.

  • Z30%-40% year-over-year growth
  • ZRapid patient growth
  • ZBooked out months in advance
  • ZAdditional dental hygienist hired

Trust the process, these guys know what they’re doing. You’re not going to get results in a month but that’s how marketing is. If you stick with them, and let them do their thing, you’re going to be busier than you want to be.

Dr. Adam Jensen
Chugach Dental
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