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  • ZAverages 100-150 new patients each month
  • ZDoubling collections year over year
  • Z300+ 5-star reviews

I’m not losing sleep over the stressful parts of owning a dental practice.

Dr. Clint Martin,
Brimfield Family Dentistry

The Challenge

Opening a dental practice is never without its trials, but Dr. Clint Martin faced a particularly unique set of challenges with Brimfield Family Dentistry.

Launching in April 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, left Dr. Martin grappling with uncertainties. With the world in turmoil and public health concerns at their peak, how many patients could they realistically expect to serve?

Beyond the logistical challenges of a startup, there was a genuine worry if they could secure enough patients to meet their financial needs, leading to significant stress.

The aspiration was clear: to craft a marketing strategy that resonated with the heart of their patient-centric approach. Moreover, Dr. Martin knew that he needed more than just a vision—he required a team with deep experience and technical expertise capable of delivering tangible results.

The Solution

Recognizing the challenges and the unique backdrop of the times, we tailored a strategy specifically for Brimfield Family Dentistry:

Branding – Logo, color palette, and brand messaging that mirrored the practice’s family-friendly and approachable philosophy.

Modern Dental Website – Highlighting the practice’s commitment to serving the community with safe, comfortable dental care through an intuitive design and user experience.

SEO Strategies – Improving online visibility in local searches, ensuring they’re not just found, but chosen.

Google Ads Campaigns – Leveraging compelling ad copy and a carefully mapped-out strategy to attract high-quality new patients.

Modern Dental Software – Strategic recommendations, including reputation management tools to build patient reviews.

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The Result

The impact of our strategic collaboration with Brimfield Family Dentistry became evident in record time. In the initial 6 months, the practice saw an impressive 10-15 new patients a day. The success exceeded even their own optimistic projections. In fact, in the first 3 months after opening, the practice brought on additional staff and a new associate doctor, Dr. Alex Funk.

  • ZRapid patient growth
  • ZConsistent increase in collections
  • ZLow cost per lead
  • ZHigh keyword rankings
New patient numbers are great and :Delmain is killing it! I continue to receive abundant comments on our website, affirming its alignment with how we showcase our practice.
Dr. Clint Martin
Brimfield Family Dentistry

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Seeking a marketing partner who deeply understands the intricacies of a dental startup? Brimfield Family Dentistry navigated this journey, facing the early challenges of launching a practice during uncertain times, and is enjoying wild success.

Make the choice that could mean the success of your own new practice.

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