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Arvory Management: Maximizing ROI with :Delmain

  • 9 Locations in Portland, OR area
  • Dental Service Organization
  • General Dentist
brimfield family dentistry case study delmain

15-20% year-over-year growth


2 additional locations acquired


Improved quality of patient leads

“The biggest thing that matters to me is being able to track ROI and :Delmain is excellent at that.”

Dr. Clark Brinton,
Arvory Management

The Challenge

Arvory Management, despite its innovative approach and commitment to excellence, was dealing with an ineffective marketing strategy. The DSO’s previous marketing agency allowed campaigns to run on autopilot for months at a time. This lack of oversight led to outdated and inconsistent online messaging, creating a poor first impression among potential patients.

They were spending money and not getting enough in return.

Arvory Management needed a marketing partner capable of meeting the dynamic needs of their growing DSO. They wanted accountability and, most importantly, an excellent return on their marketing investment.

The Solution

:Delmain’s results-focused DSO marketing strategies for Arvory Management’s group of practices include:

Compelling Content: Engaging content crafted for each practice, ensuring improved SEO performance and a cohesive voice and tone for each brand.

Local SEO: Optimized online presence to help Arvory practices appear prominently in search results, making it easy for potential patients to find their services.

Google Ads Campaigns: Targeted ad campaigns focusing on specific demographics and search trends, effectively driving immediate interest and connecting with people looking for dental services.

Meta Ads Campaigns: Custom visuals and copy in ads across Meta platforms, enhancing brand visibility and engagement within the community.

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The Result

Since working with :Delmain, Arvory Management has experienced remarkable growth, increasing brand awareness for their patients and contributing to the bottom line for their DSO. The partnership with :Delmain has enabled better negotiation with digital ad spend and a more dynamic approach to online marketing.

  • ZConsistent patient growth across all locations
  • ZEnhanced lead quality
  • ZLow cost per conversion
  • ZNew practice acquisitions

“I hate wasting money. With other marketing firms you can put a lot of money into ads and SEO and get no results…and not have accountability. :Delmain is accountable for the dollars we spend. We have regular check-ins, letting us know where our money went.

If you’re on the fence about trying :Delmain, just do it. You’re not locked into a contract because they know they’ll provide a great result for you.”

Dr. Clark Brinton,
Arvory Management

Brimfield Dental Portrait Dr Clint Martin
Dr Anderson at Holy City Ortho



Ready for consistent and reliable marketing ROI?

:Delmain’s plug-and-play marketing system is built for DSOs, allowing you to predict, plan, and expand effortlessly.

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