Is Copy-and-Paste Content Hurting Your Dental Practice?

Without original content, Your Google rankings will suffer.


In this post, we’ll pull back the curtain on the copy-and-paste content epidemic that’s hurting thousands of dental practices. You’ll learn who’s responsible, the damage it causes, and the potential results when a dental practice invests in original content. Let’s get started.

How does Google figure out who should rank where?

Google (and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing) use computer programs to “visit” hundreds of billions of websites, including yours. The purpose of these programs is to analyze and determine where sites should rank in Google searches. Your site’s ranking is made up of a variety of factors from around the web and factors found on your website itself.


Factors from around the web include

  • Links to your site from trustworthy sources
  • Your social media presence
  • The accuracy and completeness of your profile on Google Maps


Factors from your website itself include

Today we’ll be talking about that last point: original content. You’ll learn what can happen when the content on your website is copied from other sites. For a long time, copied content was called “duplicate content” but we’re calling it what it is: copy-and-paste content.


A closer look at the growing copy-and-paste content epidemic

We’ve reviewed and analyzed thousands of dental websites, looking for trends, patterns, and techniques we can apply to help our clients. Recently, one of the trends we’ve discovered is worrisome.

A handful of dental online marketing agencies are using copy-and-paste content on all of the dental websites they create. The website of a cosmetic dentist in California may have essentially the exact same website as a family dentist in Ohio.

When Google visits a site and finds content that’s nearly identical to another site, it penalizes both sites. Google can’t be sure either site is trustworthy or offering useful information. All else being equal, neither will rank as well as a site with original content.

Not only will your Google search rankings suffer, but copy-and-paste content creates a terrible user experience. Visitors to your site see generic information that doesn’t address their needs. Why would they choose to contact you?


Why is copy-and-paste content so common?

There’s only one winner when it comes to copy-and-paste content: the agency who wrote it. They can sell the same content over and over. It saves them time and makes them money. Who pays the price? Dentists like you who aren’t getting the results they deserve.

The worst part about it: Most practices will never know copy-and-paste content is costing them new patient opportunities. The agency will blame poor results on something else.


Timberhill Dental case study:

What happens when you eliminate copy-and-paste content?

The background

Timberhill Dental is a dental practice in Corvallis, Oregon focusing on high-tech general, cosmetic, and preventive care with spa-like amenities.

Before partnering with Delmain, Timberhill Dental worked with another online marketing agency. This agency relied on pre-written content copy-and-pasted to dozens of dental websites.


The problem

Timberhill Dental was just not seeing enough new patients coming through the door each month.


Audit & analysis

We found essentially no original content on Timberhill Dental’s website. Dentists around the country were using the same exact copy to describe their practices and services.

Timberhill Dental’s unique approach to patient comfort and cutting-edge treatments were nowhere to be found. Why would a new patient choose Timberhill Dental? Not only was the website not appealing to potential patients, the reliance on copy-and-paste content resulted in terrible Google search rankings.


Our solution

Delmain designed and developed a beautiful new mobile-friendly website. Instead of relying on stock photography and copy-and-paste content, the new site features completely original copy and beautiful photographs of their office, staff, and patients. Now website visitors see and understand why Timberhill Dental is a different kind of dental practice.


The results

Immediately, the improved design and content of the website increased the site’s ability to deliver new patient opportunities.

Within 6 months, the practices’ Google search rankings had significantly improved. They were now ranking highly for important and valuable keywords like:

  • Corvallis dentist
  • Corvallis cosmetic dentist
  • Dentist in Corvallis Oregon
  • Same day crowns
  • Single visit crowns


Within a year, Timberhill Dental began seeing as many new patients in a DAY as they had in a MONTH with their old website.

What can you do about copy-and-paste content?

How you can check for copy-and-paste content

  1. Copy a paragraph from your site. Make sure it doesn’t include specific information about your practice like the name of your practitioners or location.
  2. Put quotation marks around the text you copied and search on Google. The quotation marks let Google know you’re looking for exact matches.
  3. If you’re seeing the exact same sentences on other sites, your search rankings are suffering and your site isn’t performing as well as it could.


Ask your marketing agency to replace your copy-and-paste content with original content that is:

  • Engaging and well-written, capturing the attention of the reader and encouraging them to take action
  • Designed to highlight the unique benefits your practice offers to patients
  • Optimized for the keywords you need to rank well for in Google searches

If your marketing agency refuses your request or denies there’s a problem: Fire them. Then either:

Invest the time it takes to write new, original, SEO-optimized content yourself.


Find a dental SEO company who will work with you to reach your goals.

How to create original and actionable content: The Delmain formula

At Delmain, all of our writing is done in-house by our experienced content team. We never hire outside contractors and we always create original content. Our process is simple. We:

  1. Start by researching the keywords you need to rank well for in Google searches
  2. Learn about your practice, how you add value to your patients, and how you differentiate yourself from the competition
  3. Describe your services clearly, honestly, and effectively
  4. Enhance our copy with engaging photography and patient testimonials
  5. Use powerful language that compels readers to take action


Does it work? The proof is in our results. On average, our dental clients see 57 new patients per month. Get in touch and find out how you can get these results, too.


Ready to grow your practice?

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Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.


Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.

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