Introducing The State of Dental Marketing in 2024, our latest white paper for dentists who want to book more qualified patients.
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Your dental practice might be sick & you may not know

Get a complete diagnosis of your website, and discover the ideal treatments that can save your practice and grow your traffic.

The complete diagnosis includes the following exams:

  • ZSEO X-ray
  • ZConversion Optimization Tomography
  • ZPaid Advertising Ultrasound
  • ZGeneral Check-Up of your Digital Marketing

If you don’t know what’s wrong with your site’s health, how can you improve it?

Your business may already be showing symptoms that it’s causing traffic loss and you haven’t realized it yet because you don’t have the knowledge and tools to predict and avoid it.

With this diagnosis, you will receive the same exams that we use to help practices like these get more traffic…

Grow your traffic with this free diagnostic:


Your website suffers from:

Low number of visits

Low conversion rate

Few new patients bookings

With a complete diagnosis you’ll be provided with a treatment for each of your problems:

Improve website traffic

Increase your conversions

Generate more new patients

Dan Delmain’s team of experts will be performing your diagnosis

  • ZDan Delmain has over 12 years of dental marketing and advertising experience
  • ZHe has helped hundreds of dentists improve their new patients flow
  • ZHe is Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads certified
  • ZHe has been featured on several dental podcasts, including Bulletproof Dental, The Raving Patients, & Tooth and Coin
  • ZHe is a consistent contributor to Dentistry IQ, Open Dental, Dental Town and other online publications
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