Lawyer SEO Marketing

On average, our legal clients hear from 38% more potential clients each month.

Feast or famine. Most small law firms can’t predict how many new clients they’ll see each month. The right case can sustain a firm for months. But competition can be fierce — especially from firms who overpromise and underdeliver.

What if you could count on new leads and inquiries every month without networking or hustling for cases? With the right SEO strategy, your website can become your best and most reliable source of new clients.

Our SEO marketing services will help you become one of the top-ranking lawyers in your area. You should know we only work with 1 lawyer per city. So if we work with you, we won’t work with any competing firms.

By focusing our attention and efforts on your firm, we can get you the best results.

What we do

At Delmain, we help lawyers get more clients and grow their firms.

We’ll help your firm’s website rank higher in Google searches, be seen by more people, get more clicks, and ultimately bring more new business through your door.

Other lawyers in your city have figured it out already — high search rankings and more visibility on search engines like Google mean more clients.

It truly is that simple. Don’t get left behind.

“They have propelled my business to a different level. Now I am faced with how to turn business away gracefully.”

– Michael Dwyer

How we do it

We take a deliberate approach to improving rankings, increasing awareness, and driving potential clients to your site.

Our proven lawyer SEO strategy is built on industry best practices, attention to detail, and in-depth research. It’s worked for lawyers in major cities, small towns, and suburbs around the country. Our strategy relies on:

  • Keyword research
  • Website optimization
  • Content creation
  • Website design
  • Google Maps enhancements
  • Link acquisition



increase in website traffic


more new client opportunities


firm growth

Are you skeptical about online marketing and SEO?

We understand. Too many agencies who specialize in digital marketing for lawyers promise too much and deliver too little. That’s not Delmain. If we don’t think we can help your firm, we won’t agree to work with you.

We put lawyers first

You Own All Assets

Website, content, social media – our work is yours to keep. It’s the difference between renting vs. owning.

1 Lawyer per Community

We work for you, not your competition. Multiple partners in the same area lead to poor results and high costs.

Custom Strategies

Boiler-plate strategies produce subpar results. Our approach attracts and converts more of the clients you want.

100% Original Content

We don’t copy and paste. Our content is SEO-optimized, on-brand, and tailored to your audience. 

HIPAA Certified

Our websites, marketing, and advertising strategies meet the rigorous requirements of HIPAA Privacy and Security

We’ve been partnering with law firms and delivering high-value results for over a decade. We only want to work with lawyers who are serious about growing their firms. If you’re looking for a long-term partner who’s invested in your success, let’s talk. At Delmain, we only take on lawyer SEO clients if we’re confident we can develop and execute a strategy that will work. We do all work in-house at our Portland office (no outsourcing) and have a 1 lawyer per city policy — we’ll never work with a competing firm in your area.

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge?

Most of our lawyer SEO clients pay a monthly retainer of around $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the services they need. Because it takes time to get results, we require a 6-month retainer followed by a month-to-month contract you can cancel at any time.

Will this work for my law firm?

We can never promise #1 rankings for specific keywords. The truth is, nobody can. Anyone who does lawyer web marketing and makes promises like that isn’t being honest with you. At Delmain, we have a 97% client retention rate that speaks for itself. We won’t work with your firm if we don’t think we can get results and improve your bottom line.

How long will it take to start getting new clients?

Some changes we make to your website may increase leads right away. But your biggest gains will be seen after a few months. It takes that long for Google and other search engines to “catch up.” That’s why we require a 6-month retainer for all new lawyer SEO clients. It’s just not realistic to expect to see big changes overnight.

How do you communicate results?

We give you a monthly report based on Google Analytics findings. This report will tell you whether we’re making our goals, how much traffic your site got, how many clicks and conversions there were, results of online phone tracking, and more. We’ll also include our plans for the upcoming months and any adjustments to our lawyer SEO strategy.

Can I speak with other lawyers you work with?

Of course! We’re very proud of the results we’ve achieved for our legal clients. If you’re interested in talking to a specific lawyer, let us know and we’ll connect you.

When can we get started?

Things happen fast. After you sign the contract and pay for your first month of lawyer SEO services, we get right to work.

Feedback from lawyers

“They helped my business grow at a much faster rate than I expected, and increased my website traffic and brand visibility substantially.”

Nathan Holtey

Owner, Holtey Law

They’ve helped my business grow and thrive on the internet and they actually deliver on what they promise.
Adam Greenman

Owner, Adam Greenman Law

“We have experienced a significant increase in SEO which has directly affected people calling us, and becoming clients.”
Marty Judnich

Owner, Judnich Law


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Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.


Get these 5 things right and your website will 2X NP bookings.

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