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Dr. Chern’s goals

Midtown Manhattan is home to hundreds of dental practices. Dr. Inna Chern saw this as an opportunity to minimize competition by targeting patients who live/work very close to her office. She also sought to improve the sophistication of her website using a whimsical and stylish design to support her practice’s messaging and values.


New York General Dentistry is a boutique practice offering comprehensive care. Dr. Chern purposefully sees fewer than 8 patients each day to maximize the patient experience. In the city that never sleeps, this refreshing approach to care resonates with patients and was an integral aspect of her new site’s design.

Dr. Chern’s previous website functioned as more of a source of general information about her practice. While informative, it didn’t have the functionality or ability to actively engage new patients.

To allow her to focus on patient care, Dr. Chern needed a website that would actively deliver new patients. Our sales-forward approach combined friendly and conversational copy with easy online appointment booking. From the day it launched, this site would begin delivering new patients.


More patients (and more of the right patients) flocked to the new website and the proof is in the data. Dr. Chern’s books are full of appointments with loyal patients who value her approach to dentistry.


surge in SEO traffic


schedule appointment inquiries


growth in new patient phone calls

“I really can’t say enough good things about Delmain. They gave me the website of my dreams and I am looking forward to starting the next step with SEO. I researched a few companies and let go 2 other companies who didn’t see my design vision. They truly care about you and respect all aspects of your aesthetic and give honest input because they want you to be happy about the finished product. No cookie cutter treatment here. Thanks everyone for making this a fun and rewarding experience!!!”

– Dr. Inna Chern

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