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Dr. Dooley’s goals

Cedar Village Dentistry is a single-location general practice providing most dental services in-house. Eight months after purchasing the practice, Dr. Thomas Dooley reached out to Delmain to create a website that encapsulated their core values — continuity of care, a focus on patient care, flexibility, and community involvement.


Mason, Ohio is an affluent suburb of Cincinnati, located near the corporate headquarters of Procter & Gamble. The primary target patient is female, age 45-65, paying out of pocket, the decision maker of a household, and typically a mother.

Cedar Village Dentistry’s primary competitors are other locally-owned practices. These practices are well established in the community, some for decades. We looked to create a site to instill trust in new potential patients, showcasing Dr. Dooley’s experience and skill.

To set the site apart from other practices, our custom design uses only original photography — no stock images. Combined with strong calls to action, bold colors, video testimonials, and modern typography, we created a unique experience that appeals to new potential patients.


The new site launched in August of 2018. Fast forward to today and the results are incredible!


surge in SEO traffic


improvement in Google Ads conversion rate


growth in new patient calls from SEO

“Dan and his awesome team are exactly what you want out of a web design and marketing team. Delmain is super responsive and did a fantastic job communicating. I would highly recommend them. You will not regret the decision.”

– Dr. Thomas Dooley

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