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Dr. Boulden’s goals

Dr. Peter Boulden is the owner of 4 dental practices in Atlanta, co-host of the Bulletproof Dental Practice Podcast, and influencer in the dental world. He turned to Delmain to create a website for Atlanta Dental Spa emphasizing mobile experience and featuring a high-end, show-stopping design.


With 4 locations in Atlanta’s most affluent neighborhoods, Dr. Boulden’s target demographic is high-earners with discretionary income who emphasize value over out-of-pocket cost. These patients shop at luxury boutiques and high-end shops. To attract their business, Atlanta Dental Spa’s new website needed to be stylish, modern, and make a great first impression.

Atlanta Dental Spa isn’t style without substance. The practice is home to world-class dentists, the latest in dental technology, and the best dental experience in Atlanta. Our site design reflected this through the use of professionally produced videography and photography.

To engage potential patients, our site design focused on showing the unique benefits of the practice. We also wanted to encourage site visitors to remain on site, learning about the practitioners, the practice’s philosophy, and wide range of service offerings.


The more a visitor engages with a site, the more likely they are to book an appointment. By improving user experience, we were able to do just that.


gain in total pages visited


increase in visitor time on site


decrease in visitors leaving the site

“We’ve gotten rave reviews from the site. Everyone I’ve shown loves the website and is so impressed with its usability and cleanliness. In my opinion it’s the best dental site on the web.”

– Dr. Peter Boulden

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