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“The number of new patients that my practice now receives is more than double what it was last year.”

– Dr. Kelly Blodgett, Owner, Blodgett Dental Care


Dr. Blodgett wasn’t reaching the patients he wanted. His website didn’t accurately communicate his practice’s unique message. His holistic, biological, eco-friendly, and systemic approach to dental health wasn’t reaching the right audience.

He was looking for new patients to fill his expanding office and to make sure his newly hired dental assistants stayed busy.

He also wanted to emphasize specialty services that he felt were the key to fueling his practice’s growth.


Creating a new mobile-friendly website was our top priority. In fact, over the course of 4 years, Delmain built 2 new sites as Dr. Blodgett’s practice grew and his needs continued to evolve.

The new websites were filled with content educating patients about the unique services Dr. Blodgett wanted to promote. Our SEO and paid advertising strategies involved targeting health-conscious patients both in Portland and nearby cities.

The practice soon saw a drastic increase in health-conscious and well-informed patients. This led to growing demand for both high-tech specialty services as well as repeat checkup and wellness appointments.

As the flow of new patients continued, Dr. Blodgett was named the fastest growing single practice dentist in the entire Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) by Patterson Dental.


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