StoryBrand for Dentists: The Outside-the-Box Trick for Getting Hundreds of New Patients From Your Website

Apr 2022
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Dentists around the country are making 2 Big Mistakes when it comes to the marketing messaging on their website:

  1. Failing to focus on the aspect of their services that will help their patients “survive and thrive.”
  2. Making their patients “burn too many calories” to understand the services they offer.

The result is a poor-performing website that generates no new patients, delivers inconsistent revenue, and stalls practice growth.

Thankfully, there’s a solution: Reframe the patient experience and services you offer through the lens of a story. This is a concept known as StoryBrand.

What is StoryBrand?

Created by Donald Miller, StoryBrand is a concept that helps dentists (and businesses of all kinds) clarify their marketing message. StoryBrand reframes the experience and services you offer in a simple way that patients will understand, value, and respond to.

This concept relies on a 7-part framework that leverages the power of stories. Using this framework will help you avoid the 2 Big Mistakes.

What is the StoryBrand framework?

Some say we are all made of stories, and most stories tend to have a similar structure. This structure or framework represents a patient’s journey as if it were a movie storyline, so you can talk to your patients in a way that connects with their challenges, emotions, needs, questions, etc.

The 7-part StoryBrand framework

True to every good story, the StoryBrand framework relies on a hero and a villain. The story goes something like this…

  1. The hero who wants something
  2. Encounters a problem (villain) before they can get it
  3. A guide steps into their lives…
  4. Who gives the hero a plan 
  5. And calls them to action
  6. That action helps the hero avoid failure
  7. And ends in success

StoryBrand promises that if you focus your marketing messaging on this framework, your website will demonstrate the value of your services and provide clarity. And clarity, Miller says, is the key to producing results (a flood of new patients) for your practice.

Who is the hero of your story?

Take a moment to carefully consider the answer to this question.

Who is the hero of your dental practice story?

 Is it the…

  • Dentist?
  • Practice owner?
  • Dental hygienist?
  • Front desk team?


The hero of your story is the patient. As the dentist or practice owner, you are the guide of the story, helping the hero achieve success.

This is the most important aspect of StoryBrand to understand because it’s counterintuitive to most dentists.

Just look at the average dentist website and you’ll see what we mean — many dentists position themselves and the practice (not their patients) as the hero. These websites are filled with copy, images, videos, and call-to-actions that emphasize, “I’m the dentist and I know what to do to solve your dental health problem and make you better.”

The StoryBrand method turns this message on its head, putting the power and praise into the patient’s hands. 

Remember, it’s the hero of every story who solves the problem, defeats the villain, and comes out the other side as the winner. Your job as the guide (not the hero) is to use empathy and authority to give the hero the tools and information they need to be successful.

Wait, so who is the villain?

If the hero is the patient, and you are the guide, who do you think is the villain of the story?

The villain is the dental health problem the patient is trying to solve: decay, gum disease, chipped teeth, bad breath, stained teeth, or any other dental issue they’re facing.

But StoryBrand reminds you that the villain is not just the external pain or illness, it’s how that problem makes the patient feel and how it affects their life.

Your hero isn’t just trying to fix a chipped tooth. They’re struggling with the internal and psychological problems a chipped tooth is causing. For example, lack of confidence or the feeling that it will be easier to find a job or move up in the workplace with a better smile.

To help your hero defeat the villain, you need to understand the issue (and help your hero address it) on an external, internal, and psychological level.

Your job as the guide

As the guide, your website and marketing content needs to offer a plan for how your hero can defeat the villain. Not only do you need to tell them the plan, you need to explain exactly how to follow it.

(Remember, you are the guide — you should present the plan with empathy and authority, not as someone who might steal the spotlight from the hero.)

By following the plan you outline, your hero can defeat the villain (avoiding failure) and take their rightful place as the proven hero of the story. And you take your place as the empathetic, well-loved expert who guided the way.

So, what is a StoryBrand dental website?

Dental StoryBrand websites use the principles that we’ve described to make their message more compelling and attract more potential patients.

StoryBrand websites:


  • Deliver a crystal-clear message. Your potential patients need to understand exactly what you offer, and how can you help them achieve the goal of making their lives better.
  • Are clear about what makes their practice different (and better) than their competitors.
  • Clearly state what problems they solve.
  • Talk directly to patients’ concerns, needs, and emotions. Make it clear that their practice is the right one to help them achieve whatever they want to accomplish.
  • Are clear about what action they want visitors to take.

Is StoryBrand right for your practice?

Should your practice use the StoryBrand for dentists formula to help clarify your website messaging and get new patients? Ask yourself:

  • Is my website clear and easy to navigate?
  • Do I have a focused marketing message?
  • Does my website position my patients as the hero?
  • Is my website generating new patients?
  • Am I positioning my practice for growth?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to make some changes.

Those who adopt the StoryBrand framework have a leg up on their competition. Instead of a website with haphazard words, pictures, and CTA buttons, every part of your website will be intentional and focused on results. And by results, we mean more new patients through your door and more peace of mind for you.

How to use StoryBrand for dentists

We’ve outlined a short overview of the 7-part framework of StoryBrand for dentists, but obviously there’s a lot more to it. Putting it into practice and implementing it on your own website requires a detailed understanding of each step of the framework.

The best place to start is to read Donald Miller’s book on the topic or learn more on the StoryBrand website.

If you’re not much of a DIYer and just want results, we’re happy to help.

At :Delmain, your patients are always the hero of our website design and dental marketing strategies. We use the principles of the StoryBrand framework to help our partners succeed. By focusing on providing clarity and avoiding the 2 Big Mistakes on your website, we can help get new patients through your door and position your practice among the leading dentists in your city.

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