Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

Create a holistic digital marketing plan that delivers results.


At Delmain, we blend proven and innovative digital marketing strategies to help our clients get new business through their websites. Using an integrated approach, we focus our efforts on complementary methods to get real results.

In this post, we’ll outline a few of the proven SEO strategies we use to create effective digital marketing plans for our clients. Then, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at how you can use these strategies to improve your online presence and get more leads for your business.

Today, we’ll cover:


  • The value of purposeful content
  • How to create a skyscraper blog post to build links to your website
  • Blog promotion through paid Facebook advertising
  • The keys to setting up an organized Google Ads campaign
  • How flexible, scalable web design leads to new business
  • Why optimizing websites for page speed is crucial for any business

Purposeful content

Compelling content builds trust and authority with potential clients and customers. It creates a solid foundation to support the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Your content should give your audience an opportunity to get to know you, not just the services you provide.

Good content… 

  • Answers the real questions your customers ask
  • Provides unique perspectives and insights to the reader
  • Is well-researched and authoritative

By creating a resource filled with information about buying vintage rings, Malka Diamonds is framed as a trusted expert of diamonds and jewelery in Portland.

Why does content matter?

Compelling content grabs the attention of both your audience and search engines. A recent study concluded that consumers are 61% more likely to buy from a company using high quality, custom content.

There was a time when well-researched keywords were enough to perform well with Google, but no longer! Google wants to see your content engaging and resonating with readers. 

At Delmain, we consider content purposeful if it:

  • Portrays your business as the authoritative voice in your industry
  • Effectively communicates the benefits of your services or products
  • Provides valuable, actionable information to an interested audience

Great content turns website visitors into new business opportunities.


Skyscraper blog posts

When trustworthy websites link to your site, Google will see your website as a trustworthy website, too. This is a key component of improving your search rankings and a successful SEO strategy.

One innovative digital marketing strategy for encouraging links to your site is a skyscraper blog post. Skyscraper blog posts leverage the power of relationships to build links to your website.


How to create a skyscraper blog post

  1. Choose an important topic for your business that is ranking well on Google.
  2. Expand on that subject with a blog post of your own.
  3. Reach out to industry experts and ask if they’d like to contribute to your new blog post. They’ll likely be excited about the opportunity to be featured. You’ll gain their knowledge, expertise, and trust in the process.
  4. Integrate their contributions into the blog post. Highlight key quotes from each and link to their websites.
  5. Publish your new blog and reach out to each contributor, offering your thanks.
  6. Connect with each contributor on LinkedIn or Twitter and start a conversation. You can even gently encourage them to link back to the post from their own sites or social media accounts.

Why are skyscraper posts effective?

As contributors link back to your page, your new page will likely rank well for what should be a hot topic in your industry.

Improved rankings attract more potential clients and customers to your website. Additionally, the highly ranking page will also make your site as a whole more trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

The result? Better search rankings for all of your site’s pages.

Key benefits of a successful skyscraper post:

  • A highly ranking page on your website for a topic and keyword important to your business.
  • A high-quality piece of content with expert opinions from industry sources.
  • New relationships with the industry sources who contributed to your post.


Facebook blog promotion strategies

How to target the right audience using Facebook?

So you’ve written a blog post that engages with potential clients, answers their questions, and converts them into paying customers. Now, how do you get it in front of the right audience?

Using paid Facebook campaigns and advanced targeting, you can reach the perfect audience for your post.

You can target users on Facebook based on:

  • Geographical placement – Those who live within a certain city, state, country, region or within a given radius around your business or the service areas you provide.
  • Demographics – Age, language, income and gender.

Facebook allows you to target an audience based on their location, age, and gender.

  • Interests – Facebook interests extend beyond those listed on a person’s profile. Advanced data collection and analysis allows you to target an audience by an incredible variety of interests, such as hobbies, favorite types of entertainment, foods they like, and much more.
  • Behaviors – These differ from interests, as they take into consideration external activities such as purchasing history and whether someone uses their phone or computer.

Interests and Behaviors are a great way to narrow your post’s audience.

Why does promoting blog content through Facebook matter?

Promoting blog posts with paid Facebook advertisements allows you to:

  • Speak to potential clients on a personal level, showing your brand’s values and building trust.
  • Actively target new demographics by focusing on problems they face and offering a solution.
  • Create brand awareness in new and untapped audiences.

Setting up an organized Google Ads campaign

Google Ads are a powerful tool. By exposing your business to potential customers who are searching for your service, you can:

  • Advertise products and services to new audiences
  • Increase conversions immediately
  • Collect insights and data to inform future decisions

Getting started with Google Ads can be tricky. The best way to set yourself up for success is to start with an organized account and optimized settings. You’ll get the most out of your budget and avoid costly mistakes.


Google Ads best practices

  • Campaign Type: Separate search and display campaign types for easier management. We recommend starting with search and going from there.

Under Campaign Type, set your setting to “All Features” to start out.

  • Networks: Utilize Search Partners, which displays ads in Google Maps, Google Play, and other Google owned partner sites.

Make sure to click “Include Partners” to take advantage of Google Search Partners.

  • Device Options: Test campaigns to see which devices perform best. Always start by targeting desktop, mobile, and tablet. Adjust once you have data on which performs best for your audience.

In the Device Settings tab, you can adjust the amount of ads you want to show up on each device. Start targeting all three, and adjust depending on performance.

  • Bid Strategy: Use the “Maximize Clicks” automated bid setting. This will automatically show your ads on the lower-cost-per-click keywords that actually perform. You’ll maximize the number of clicks to your site while respecting your budget.

In Bid Strategy, use the “Maximize clicks” setting for optimal performance within your budget.

Why does an organized Google Ads account matter?

A well-organized Google Ads account structure will allow you to:

  • Spend less time managing your account
  • Easily track and report results
  • Run low-risk high-reward experimental campaigns
  • Reduce your Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bids

Flexible, scaleable website design

Building purposeful content and utilizing targeted advertising will bring potential customers to your website. Are you ready for them? Is your website a sales tool designed to convert?


How do I get my website ready?

Flexibility is key. You want to be able to grow and add content to your site as you grow your business.

WordPress is our website design platform of choice and one used by millions of sites around the Web.

We use WordPress to build scaleable, flexible sites that look beautiful and are easily managed. In contrast, websites built using a proprietary content management system (CMS) may be difficult to customize, manage, and update without the assistance of an experienced web developer.

The homepage for Radiance Dental, one of our website design and development clients. Messaging, calls-to-action, images, and other elements can be easily edited, updated, and changed.

Benefits of flexible, scalable WordPress websites:

  • New pages can be built quickly
  • Simple management of software and security updates
  • Mobile friendly and responsive designs
  • Content is friendly to search engines and easily optimized
  • Developers will always be easy to find

Optimizing websites for faster page load times

Slow sites cause frustration with potential (and current) clients. Over 80% of web users will leave a webpage if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. A slow-loading site will also give your domain less authority, making you less trustworthy in Google’s eyes, and hurting your overall SEO efforts.

Faster page speeds…

  • Give website visitors a better overall experience
  • Encourage visitors to continue browsing your site
  • Improve your Google search rankings


How we make your website faster

  • Resizing and optimizing images, photos, and graphics
  • Referencing Pingdom, an online tool to diagnose page speed issues
  • Using high-performance web hosts like Vrazer and WP Engine

Don’t let a slow website halt the growth of your digital presence. 


Learn more about our holistic approach to digital marketing

There’s no single strategy to improve your online presence overnight. But a collection of purposeful steps will move your business in the right direction.

Any questions about our integrated approach to digital marketing and SEO for small businesses? Contact us with questions. We’d love to chat!


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