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Mar 2021
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The Dentist Money Show with Reese Harper

Investment, Student Debt, Practice Ownership

Dental industry experts join Reese Harper, CFP® to share insights dentists can use to make smart financial decisions.

Recommended EpisodeHow to Solve Your Student Loan Debt Dilemma

From federal loans vs private loans to why interest rates alone shouldn’t dictate your choices, Travis and Reese discuss numerous reasons why you need to think about student loans differently.

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The Dentist Money Show with Reese Harpers

– 58 Ratings

HostsReese Harper
New episodes: Weekly, 40 minutes
Topics coveredInvestment, Student Debt, Practice Ownership
Website: www.reeseharper.com


“Love the advice! As a student ever-nearing graduation, I’m happy to have found a podcast that helps wrap my mind around some of the finance principles that can help me during my career. The hosts use excellent examples and real-world case studies to explain things, and it makes it so digestible. Thanks for what you do!”

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The Fee for Service Dentist Podcast by Dr. Drew Byrnes

Fee For Service Small Dental Offices, Practice Management, Finances

This podcast is where dentist and dental professionals come together to share their best ideas on how to grow high-quality dental offices. Tune in as Dr. Drew Byrnes interviews everyone from industry leaders to average FFS dentists in your own backyard. Find out what works for them and what you can do, too!

Recommended EpisodeThe Psychology of the Doctor & Patient with Dr. Nicole Vane and Dr. Sonny Spera

Episode 154 – The Psychology of the Doctor and the Patient


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The Happy Hour Effect With Kristen Brown

– 57 Ratings
HostsKristen Brown
New episodesIrregular, 20 minutes
Topics coveredMotivational Speaking, Team Performance, Goal-Setting
Website: www.sticher.com
“Every single episode will help you! When I first started listening to Kristen Brown’s podcast, I skipped some episodes, because, I didn’t think I needed to know how to get past an argument (ha!) or How to get paid what I’m worth (double ha!). But after I listened to the ones I thought I needed, I wanted to hear more, so I listened to ALL of them. Thank goodness! With easily implemented changes and or suggestions, I started to see a difference in my life immediately. Love these.”

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This podcast is one of the best and most thorough resources for helping dentists navigate through the challenges of dental insurance.

Recommended Episode: Virtual Consultations with Michael Anderson

In this Episode Jordon & Michael discuss virtual consultations during Covid-19.

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The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast

– 22 Ratings

HostsBen Tuinei and Jordan Comstock
New episodes: Monthly, 30 minutes
Topics coveredInsurance
Website: www.soundcloud.com


“I listen to a lot of dental podcasts and I have to say this podcast truly puts out valuable content that can truly help one’s dental practice. Insurance billing is cumbersome and frustrating to our front office, so learning processes to help us navigate the insurance world is a definite welcome. Host does a good job asking good/quality questions to help stimulate worthwhile conversation. I think quality and qualifying questions is what sets apart great podcasts from the average ones. Ben and Jordan does a great job with asking the right questions making the interview insightful. Keep up the great work and content.”

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The Raving Patients Podcast by Leonard Tau

Online Reputation, Credibility, Visibility

The Raving Patients Podcast helps you learn not only how to revitalize your practice’s online reputation, but also increase your visibility and credibility on Google and how to use the power of your happy patients to market your practice online.

Recommended EpisodeThe 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Dental Practice Website

Your website is the “heart” of your online marketing. With so much competition amongst dental practices, you need a website that will help you stand out from the pack. My guest today is Kayvan Mott, co-founder of DocSites.com, a company that specializes in helping dentists and doctors improve their marketing strategies and online presence.

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Thriving Dentist: Gary Takacs 

– 164 Ratings

HostsGary Takacs
New episodes: Weekly, 60 minutes
Topics coveredPractice Management
Website: www.takacslearningcenter.com


“WOW! AMAZING! INFORMATIVE! These are the first three words that come to my mind when I think of Dr. Takacs’ podcasts. I am a pre-dental student and although the podcasts are more focused on current dentist practicing, the information that is given is rich with applicable information for future dentist. I highly recommend listening to him to learn from the mistakes that have been made in the past.”

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Two Reds Are Better Than One

Consulting, Leadership

Two of the dental industry’s top leading coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants talking about business and life.

Recommended Episode: How To Increase Your Profitability

Welcome to this episode of Two Reds are Better than One. Chris and Ashley put on their dental garb and discuss techniques they could use as dentists to increase their profitability.

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Two Reds Are Better Than One

– 7 Ratings

HostsChris Barrow and Ashley Latter
New episodesMonthly, 40 minutes
Topics covered:Consulting, Leadership
Website: www.tworeds.libsyn.com


“The real stuff of what it’s like to be a dentist – life behind the drills and most of us can relate to this. Golden tips that we can apply and review how we run our practices and even as an associate get a perspective what it involves. Real life stories. Educational on my hour commute to work. Keep up the good work guys love it. Might get a spot on your podcast one day : ) to tell my story.”

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Your Dental Success Podcast

Practice Management, Clinical Dentistry

This podcast is where you’ll find great dental marketing tips and strategies for dentists and orthodontists. Learn to increase new patient numbers, revenues and create a thriving practice.

Recommended EpisodeHow To Convert More Leads to Scheduled Appointments

Today Steven gives simple tips for your team to convert more calls and inquiries into scheduled appointments and long-term patients.

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Your Dental Success Podcast  

– 20 Ratings

HostsMike Pedersen
New episodesRandomly, 30 minutes
Topics covered Practice Growth, Practice Management, Invisalign
Website: www.thedentalboost.com


“This podcast is phenomenal, I just caught up and have listened to all 33 episodes (at the time of this review) and loved every one. Great guests, good conversation and a ton of value. The only thing that makes me mad is that I want to stop and take notes but I can’t because I’m usually driving!

“I also am friends with some of Mike’s clients and they all have nothing to say but good things. Mike has expertise, attention to detail and cares as much as you do about the success of your practice. He’s one of the good ones and worth every penny!”

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